Access and Security

Gaining Access

Access to the CMF facilities requires the use of an electronic key card system, which utilizes your ID card. To have your ID Card encoded, stop by the CMF office (Bldg. 115, Room 026), and complete an access request form with the Assistant Director, Rosemary Buesing. To gain access to the building you must be listed on an ACORP and have completed the required IACUC training, you must have completed an on-line animal risk assessment and obtained a release to work with animals from Employee/Student Health and finally you must attend a one-on-one facility access orientation session with the Lead Laboratory Animal Care Technician or designee.

Maintaining Security

Anyone using the CMF has a responsibility to contribute to its security. This includes not lending your ID to others who have not had theirs properly encoded or allowing others to enter the facility with you who have not completed their access requirements. Every entry is recorded and printouts of facility access are reviewed periodically to monitor after hours activity. They are also reviewed any time unexpected situations arise.