Sustainability at the Health Sciences Campus

At Loyola University Chicago, sustainability is a core value of our mission of social justice. Our Office of Sustainability is available to help Loyola students, staff and faculty advance our sustainability efforts including implementing our Climate Action Plan.

The Health Sciences Sustainability Committee 

Interested in getting involved in sustainability at Maywood? Join us for our monthly committee meetings where we discuss environment, economy and social sustainability topics. We welcome your participation and feedback. We try to have a mix of discussion and presentation topics in order to explore those actions we might advance as a Committee and where we need to engage with the LUC administration to seek out sustainability solutions. Look on the HSD Calendar for Sustainability Committee dates and locations.

Sustainability in the Curriculum

While we recognize that our facilities and activities may have a negative impact, we KNOW our students and research can have a positive one. We work to incorporate sustainability into every student’s experience. The work in the classroom, laboratory, and community give our students first-hand experience in solving the highly-complex and interdisciplinary problems of today and tomorrow. Some examples of this include research on infectious disease, health disparities in vulnerable populations, and community-based health initiatives.

Energy Conservation

Although you may not have noticed it, the energy infrastructure at the Health Sciences Campus has undergone a transformation. The addition of high-performing buildings and series of deep energy efficiency retrofits have made improvements that will save energy and money for years to come. Click HERE for more information.

Interested in helping out? Consider the equipment you use and how you operate it.

High-Performing Buildings

The Health Science Campus is home to outstanding facilities for learning and applied research. Our new buildings are exemplary examples of sustainability in the built environment. Here are some highlights:

Center for Translational Research and Education - This state-of-the-art facility brings together the Stritch School of Medicine, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, The Graduate School, and Loyola University Health System on an exciting cooperative journey with one unified goal—the rapid translation of fundamental science discoveries into real treatments for human health. Click HERE to learn more.

The Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing - Located on Loyola University’s Medical Center Campus in Maywood, Illinois, the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing and Center for Collaborative Learning is the home of the University’s nursing program. Click HERE for more information.

Water Conservation and Stormwater Management

Loyola works to install water-saving equipment whenever possible meeting building code and WaterSense™ standards. We’ve also worked in partnership with our hospital partners and other local units of government to address rain water management on the campus. Adding native landscaping, permeable paving and underground detention and treatment help collect water where it falls, preventing flooding and protecting water quality. Click HERE for more information.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling at Loyola is easy and convenient. Loyola uses “single-stream” recycling, meaning mixed paper, plastics #1–5 & 7, aluminum/foil items, and glass are collected separately from other solid waste items. Simply place recyclable items in the convenient recycling bins located throughout campus.

The waste bins are serviced by housekeeping staff and taken to dumpsters located at loading dock locations. Waste from the Maywood campus is then hauled to facilities where additional sorting takes place before it is bulked to be sold as a recyclable commodity or transported to the landfill.