Rates & Services

Since the CMF is a service unit that relies principally upon funds from income to operate, a system to accurately recover costs has been developed. Animal cages are labeled with a bar code and the cages are scanned daily. Approximately two weeks after per diem charges have incurred they are posted to investigator accounts by HSD finance. You may review your charges through the Research Channel, Research Channel Reports, CMF Account Summary.  Each PI and/or administrator can sort the report by protocol, investigator, month and year and can view the report either as a pdf or excel document. You are able to see an accrual of all CMF charges for the time period requested. It will also list per diem charges, additional and surgery charges separately. If questions arise concerning your charges, contact the Administrative Assistant I, MaryJo Johnson, at ext. 69178 or mjohns5@luc.edu.