‌Standard Operating Procedures




Description of SOPDate Last Modified
General Staff Policies 06/08/2016
Active Vendor Listing 06/25/2016
Weekend and Holiday Care 06/08/2016
Routing and Procurement of Research Animals and Related Equipment 08/24/2011
Animal Export Requirements 09/02/2022
Transportation of Animals Within the Institution 06/08/2016
Function & Maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures 09/09/2015
Use of Procedural Laboratories 09/09/2015
Policies Governing Research and Controlled Substances 10/14/2015
Animal Experiments Involving Radiation 06/08/2016
Visitors in Animal Facilities & Research Areas 09/09/2015
Access to CMF 08/28/2013
Preparation and Use of Cage Cards 07/07/2017
Necropsy Requirements 06/08/2016
Occupational Health and Safety Overview  06/08/2016
Use of Protective Clothing  09/09/2015
Animal Experiments Involving Biohazardous Material  09/09/2015
Personnel Safety with Non-Human Primates/Exotics  09/09/2015
Animal Experiments Involving Chemicals  09/09/2015
Emergency Response Plan  03/08/2017
Response to Environmental Monitoring Alarm  09/09/2015
Response to Natural Disasters  06/24/2016
Policies for Investigator Managed Rodent Breeding  09/02/2022
Breeding Colony Management Request Form  09/02/2022
Importing Rodents From Non-commercial Sources  09/02/2022
Mouse Import Screening Policy  09/02/2022
Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC)  09/02/2022
Animal Experiments Involving Hazardous Substances  09/02/2022
Environmental Parameters for Animal Housing Areas  09/02/2022


Cancer Center Room Use 04/08/2019
Receipt of Incoming Animals 04/28/2018 
Rodent Identification 04/28/2018 
Identification of Non-Rodent Animals 04/28/2018
Preparation and Use of Cleaners and Disinfectants 11/14/2019
Changing Animals within a Microisolator System‌ 07/05/2017
Rodent Room Sanitization 04/28/2018 
Sanitization of Cages, Racks, and Small Equipment 04/26/2018 
Room Decontamination after a Viral Outbreak  04/28/2018 
Transferring Rodents to Clean Caging in a Conventional System  04/28/2018 
Operation, Validation and Maintenance of the Cage /Rack Washer   04/28/2018
Rack Washer Validation Log 04/28/2018 
Operation, Validation and Maintenance of the Tunnel Washer    04/28/2018 
Tunnel Washer Validation Log 04/28/2018 
Sterilization of Cages, Bedding and Water 07/05/2017
Maintenance of Ventilated Cage Rocks 10/11/2018
Cleaning and Maintaining Service Areas   04/08/2019
Laundry Room Maintenance & Service Log 04/08/2019 
Feed & Bedding Storage Maintenance Log 04/08/2019 
Supply Storage Maintenance Log 04/08/2019
Carcass holding Maintenance Log  04/08/2019 
Dirty Cage Room Maintenance Log  04/08/2019
Kitchen Maintenance log  04/08/2019 
Vivarium Main Hallway Maintenance Log 04/08/2019
Active Storage Maintenance Log 04/08/2019
Enrichment Storage Maintenance Log 04/08/2019
Necropsy Room Maintenance Log 04/08/2019 
Procedure Room Maintenance Log 04/08/2019
NHP Quarantine/Physical Exam Room Maintenance Log 04/08/2019 
Entry/Gowning Pods and Housekeeping Room Maintenance Log 04/08/2019 
Automatic Water Room Maintenance Log 04/08/2019 
Chemical Storage Room Maintenance Log   04/08/2019 
Decontamination Room Maintenance Log 04/08/2019 
Maintenance of ABSL2 Procedure Room and Bathroom 10/23/2019
ABLS2 Procedure Room and Bathroom Maintenance Log  10/23/2019 
Operation and Maintenance of Floor Scrubbers  12/13/2018 
Cubicle Air Handling System for Barrier Housing 05/02/2018 
Temperature, relative Humidity and Light Cycle Control and Monitoring   04/26/2018 
Temperature, Relative Humidty and Light Cycle Record 04/26/2018 
Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Cycle Record (Cancer Center) 04/26/2018 
Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Cycle Record (CTRE) 04/26/2018
Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Cycle Record ( Swine 04/26/2018
Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Cycle Record (NHP)‌ 04/26/2018
Temperature and Relative Humidity Record (NHP)  04/26/2018
Feed and Bedding Room Monitoring Log 04/26/2018
Free Chlorine Test 04/26/2018 
Automatic Watering System Free Chlorine Test 04/26/2018
Bottle Filling Station Free Chlorine Test  04/26/2018 
Chlorine Injector Station Free Chlorine Test 04/26/2018
Recoil Hose Flush Station Free Chlorine Test  04/26/2018
Recoil Hose Station Free Chlorine Test 10-20ppm  04/26/2018 
Pest and Vermin Control 04/28/2018 
Operation and Maintenance of the Bulk and Two Door Sterilizers 04/28/2018
Log for the Operation and Maintenance of the Bulk Sterilizer 04/28/2018
Autoclave Validation  06/24/2016 
Autoclave Indicator Log  06/24/2016 
Completion and Distribution of Animal Observation Forms 08/26/2022
Animal Death Reporting 12/13/2018
Herpes B-Virus Post-Exposure  06/14/2019
Herpes B-Virus Post Exposure First Aid 06/14/2019
Maintenace of the Cage Washing Area 05/02/2019
Cage Washing Room Maintenance Log 05/02/2019 
General Husbandry for Mice in Filter-Topped Cages  03/15/2019 
Husbandry Log for Mice in Filter-Topped Cages 03/15/2019
General Husbandry for Mice in Individually Ventilated Cages  04/08/2019
Husbandry Log for Mice Housed in Individually Ventilated Caging 04/08/2019 
General Husbandry for Mice in Metabolic Cages 07/23/2019 
Husbandry Log for Mice in Metabolic Cages  07/23/2019 
Loyola CMF Environmental Monitoring Results Log - Equipment 07/23/2019
General Husbandry for Rats in Filter-Topped Cages 03/15/2019
Husbandry Log for Rats in Filter-Topped Cages  03/15/2019
General Husbandry for Rats in Individually Ventilated Cages 04/08/2019 
Husbandry Log for Rats Housed in Individually Ventilated Caging 04/08/2019 
Environmental Enrichment for Rodents  03/15/2019
Guinea Pig Environmental Enrichment 03/15/2019
Cancer Center Irradiator Use  01/10/2019 
General Husbandry for Hamsters in Individually Ventilated Caging   05/09/2019 
Husbandry Log for Hamsters Housed in Individually Ventilated Caging 05/09/2019
General Husbandry for Conventionally Housed Guinea Pigs 06/14/2019
Husbandry Log for Comventionally Housed Guinea Pigs  05/30/2019 
General Husbandry for Conventionally Housed Rabbits 05/09/2019
Husbandry Log for Conventionally Housed Rabbits  05/09/2019 
Maintenance of Rabbit Breeding Colonies 05/09/2019
Environmental Enrichment for Rabbits  06/14/2019
Rabbit Environmental Enrichment Activities/Toys 06/14/2019
Compatibility Testing of Rabbits  06/14/2019
General Husbandry for Rabbit Enrichment Room  06/14/2019
Husbandry Log for Rabbit Enrichment Room  06/14/2019
General Husbandry for Conventionally Housed Non-human Primates 06/14/2019
Husbandry Log for Conventionally Housed Non-Human Primates  06/14/2019
Environmental Enrichment for Non-human Primates 06/14/2019
Environmental Enrichment Log for Non-human Primates  06/14/2019
Pair Housing Macaques  06/14/2019
General Husbandry for Conventionally Housed Swine   06/06/2019 
Husbandry Log for Conventionally Housed Swine 06/06/2019 
Environmental Enrichment for Laboratory Swine 06/24/2019 
Swine Environmental Enrichment Log 06/24/2019 
Biohazard Containment Sanitization Procedure 06/26/2019 
Transp. of Animals in the CTRE between ABSL2 and the IVIS Imaging Machine   05/02/2023 
Guidelines for the Interinstitutional Transportation of Research Mice 07/19/2022
Rodent Genotyping  07/19/2022
Guidelines for Experimental Animal Surgery 09/25/2013
Use and Housing of Animals in External Rooms/Facilities 10/07/2015
Multiple Surgical Procedures 06/18/2014
Prolonged Restraint 06/18/2014
Procedures for Reviewing Complaints 07/16/2014
Determining Research Category 07/05/2017
Post-Euthanasia Use of Animals 07/16/2014
Protocol Cancellation 07/16/2014
Animal Transfer Between Protocols 07/16/2014
Use of Rodents in Neoplasia and Ascites Production 07/16/2014
Use of Rodents and Rabbits in Antibody Production 07/16/2014
Blood Collection in Rodents and Rabbits 07/16/2014
Policies Governing Loyola Outside Locations 07/16/2014
Humane Intervention and Endpoints 10/15/2014
Procedures for the Use of Adenoviruses as Vectors in the Animal Facility 10/01/2015
Decapitation of Rats and Mice 05/02/2023
Guidelines for Euthanasia of Rodents Using Carbon Dioxide 02/06/2020
CMF - CO2 Chamber Instructions 02/06/2020
Policies Regarding Animal Breeding 07/23/2014
Space Requirements for Rodent Housing 02/13/2013
Significant Changes to Animal Activities 02/25/2015
Inspection of Laboratories 07/23/2014
Semi-Annual Program Evaluation 07/23/2014
Mandatory Training 09/03/2014
IACUC Charge and Responsibilities 08/27/2014
Review of Animal Use Protocols 08/27/2014
Photography of Research Animals 05/10/2017
Thermoregulation of Anesthetized Laboratory Animals 05/10/2017
Food and Fluid Restriction 05/10/2017
IACUC Actions Following Full Committee Review (FCR)  07/22/2019