Animal care at Loyola University Chicago is centralized within the administrative unit called Comparative Medicine Facility (CMF). The attending veterinarian is also an Assistant Dean who reports to the Vice Provost for Research on the Health Sciences Campus. The Comparative Medicine Facility (CMF) takes responsibility for placing all animal orders, determining that the animals are being ordered against an existing approved protocol. The centralized animal facility of Comparative Medicine has approximately 35,940 sq. ft. of animal housing and support space. The facility is located in the lower level of the Center for Translational Research and Education (Bldg. 115). The vivarium in the lower level contains rooms of containment cubicles, housing for nonhuman primates, swine, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice. In addition, the lower level contains the surgical suite and necropsy support services, barriers for mice and rats, procedure rooms and rodent surgery rooms. In addition to the central facility, the CMF also includes a strict barrier facility for immune compromised and transgenic mice in the Cancer Center (Bldg. 112).