Diagnostic Services

The Diagnostic Lab provides clinical laboratory services, pathology services, and training to the veterinary staff and investigators. The quality assurance and colony health programs are also maintained by the laboratory staff. The cost of the routine colony health program is included in the per diem. To request training, pathology, parasitology, serologic, hematologic, or microbiologic tests contact cmfinfo@luc.edu. Tests are charged at cost (e.g. sample collection, shipping, vendor cost).

Management of the quarantine program is also provided by Diagnostic Services. Rodents from non-commercial sources will undergo a minimum 45-day quarantine/conditioning period and must be cleared before they can be released to the approved housing areas. The monitoring required during quarantine includes comprehensive serological profiles, parasitology tests, and daily monitoring for evidence of infectious disease. To initiate a shipment of non-commercial source animals contact cmfinfo@luc.edu