Surgery Charges

  • Non-Rodent Surgery Charges (Acute or Survival) – First hour $ 65.00, each additional hour $ 40.00/hour.
  • Rodent Surgery Charges (Acute or Survival) – First hour $ 40.00, each additional hour $ 28.00/hour.

Elapsed time will be calculated from the scheduled starting time. Surgeries that extend after hours will be charged at time-and-a-half.

Surgery charges include operating room set-up and room use for two hours; one sterile instrument pack (4 towels, 3 blades, 20 gauze and 1 pkg. lap sponges); IV induction and intubation for one animal; standard clipping and standard surgical prep and draping for one animal; gowns, gloves and surgical scrub for two surgeons; inhalation anesthesia with drug and monitoering for two hours; one bag of maintenance fluids with line; and standard clean up.

Post-Operative Care: (includes recovery monitoring, analgesics, antibiotics and fluids):  $28.00/hour (plus materials) during business hours, $ 42.00/hour (plus materials) after hours, weekends and holidays.

Failure to cancel O.R. space 24 hours prior to a scheduled procedure will result in a one-hour charge.

Charges for use of the necropsy room (Bldg. 115/004A) and procedure rooms (Bldg. 115/ 049, 075, 091, 092, 093, 095) will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per hour.