Animal Ordering

LUC policy requires that all animals and animal related supplies be procured through the CMF. Only species/strains that are listed on an approved protocol can be ordered. If a different species is required, an amendment justifying the change must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC prior to the placement of an order. All orders must be submitted at least three full business days before expected delivery through the Research Channel. Special orders (Timed Pregnancies, Surgical Animals, etc.) may require more time.

The price lists from suppliers that include the cost of animals and shipping or freight charges is available through a link to the vendor web sites found on the animal request form by clicking on the “i” next to the “select vendor” drop-down menu. Some price lists are also available in the CMF office. The vendor catalogs also describe what type of animals are provided and special services that are available such as timed pregnant females, surgically modified animals, animal tissues and biological samples.

The choice of vendor and the animal specifications are the responsibility of the principal investigator. The CMF receives comprehensive health status reports from the commercial vendors, which are used to monitor the quality of animals from each supplier. If animals or animal products are obtained from sources whose quality is unknown, quality control or health monitoring reports must be reviewed before animals can be accepted for quarantine housing. If appropriate information is not available, the animals may have to be rederived prior to being accepted into the Institution. All quarantine costs for the animals will be charged to the investigator. For questions regarding specific animal models or information on sources for obtaining animals, contact MaryJo Johnson at ext. 69178 or

All orders must be submitted at least three full working days before expected delivery through the Research Channel.

Special Orders (Timed Pregnancies, Surgical Animals, Exact Dates of Birth, etc.) may require more time.

Order Charges:
Procurement Fee for Commercial Vendors - $25/order (standing orders billed once every 3 months).
Non-Commercial Vendors - $35/order.

CMF reserves the right to charge a $50.00 rush order processing fee for requests not meeting submission deadlines.

Shipping Charges:
Coordination and Packing: $16.00 per crate
Shipping cost for Importing or Exporting rodents: Charged at cost

Delivery dates:  Date of expected delivery.
Jackson:  Monday (Orders MUST be submitted by 3:30pm the previous Monday) and Wednesday (Orders MUST be submitted by 3:30pm the Tuesday 1 week previously)

Envigo:  Monday (Orders MUST be submitted by 3:30pm the Tuesday before.)             

Taconic:  Wednesday                                              

Charles River:   Monday and Wednesday.

NIA: Wednesday (Orders MUST be submitted by 3:30pm the Thursday 2 weeks before expected delivery.)

NIH: Monday

Michael Fanning Farms: Wednesday

Elm Hill: Tuesday

Sinclair Bio-Resources: TBD

Purchasing Special Diets
If you need special diets, please discuss this need with the clinical veterinarian. Special diets must be ordered through the CMF, well in advance. The investigator is responsible for monitoring the inventory and all special diet orders must request that the vendor include the milling date. Arrangements can be made with the CMF office to store the diets.