Technical Charges

Necropsy: Includes gross examination, histopathology, and cultures (per pathologists discretion). Complete a Request for Necropsy form (SOP 02-18-5052F1) and provide a complete history. 

Rodents and Rabbits $35.00
Dogs and Cats $65.00
Swine and Non-Human Primates $80.00 

Veterinary Technical Services: (Charged in 15 minute increments plus materials)
(including non-surgical anesthesia, blood withdrawal, injections, gavage, and experimental procedures):

Animal Health Care Technician $ 28.00/hour Business hours
Animal Health Care Technician $42.00/hour Non-Business hours
Veterinarian $50.00/hour Business Hours
Veterinarian $75.00/hour Non-Business Hours

Animal Care Services:


Rodents (Per cage) $6.00
Rabbit and Cat (Per animal) $10.00
Dog (Per animal) $20.00
Swine and Non-Human Primate (Per animal) $30.00


Separation due to overcrowding $20.00 per cage Charge is levied when reported overcrowding is not remedied by research staff within 72 hours.
Blue card charge $6.00 per IACUC/day/room Charge is levied when official cage cards are not requested by research staff within 5 business days.

Request for Extra Caging, Extra Cage Change

Delivery of Caging/Animals/Carcasses $24.00/hour
Animal Identification $10.00/animal
Supplies At Cost

Other services as requested are billed at:
(Charged in 15 minute increments plus materials)

Laboratory Animal Care Technician $24.00/hour Business hours
Laboratory Animal Care Technician $36.00/hour Non-Business hours

Breeding Services:

Rodent breeding colonies are managed by trained and experienced personnel and include mating (in consultation with investigator), weaning, record keeping, sampling for DNA analysis (as determined by the investigator), identification of animals, analysis of breeding problems (e.g. related to genotype), and euthanasia of retired breeders and unwanted animals (as determined by DNA analysis). Breeding colonies are housed in designated animal rooms without investigator access. The investigator receives weekly reports that include breeding performance, number of litters born, number of animals weaned, and the number and age of stock animals available for experiments. Animals for experiments are relocated to the investigator’s experimental animal housing room.


All aspects of this service will be charged on an actual time basis. Technician time is currently $ 28.00 per hour. Breeding colonies differ widely due to genetic differences (breeding systems, reproductive performance, etc.) and due to research requirements.

Diagnostic Service:

Hematology (collection tubes included)  
CBC only $ 15.00
CBC with differential $ 18.00
Chemistry (collection tubes included)  
General Profile (17 routine chemistries) $ 35.00
Mini Profile (4 routine chemistries) $ 12.00
Individual Test (routine chemistries) $   8.00
Parasitology/Urinalysis (collection devices included)  
Fecal Flotation $   5.00
Direct Smear $   3.00
Tape Test $   3.00
Urinalysis $ 15.00
Microbiology (collection swabs included)  
Aerobic Culture, semi quantitative only $ 15.00
Aerobic Culture, with ID $ 35.00
Anaerobic Culture, with ID $ 40.00
Sensitivity $ 15.00
Technical Assistance  
Necropsy (rodents and rabbits) $ 35.00
Sample Collection (per 15 minutes) $   8.70

To request other diagnostic tests contact the Laboratory Coordinator, Chrissie Staunton, at ext. 66562 or e-mail

Routine rodent health assessment (sentinel program) is included in per diem.


Rodents from non-commercial sources will undergo a minimum 60-day quarantine/conditioning period before they can be housed in non-quarantine space. The monitoring required during quarantine includes comprehensive serological profiles, parasitology tests, and daily monitoring for evidence of infectious disease.

Quarantine Charge: $ 600.00 plus per diems per imported shipment.