The goal of the Institute for Transformative Interprofessional Education (I-TIE) is to educate future health-care providers and professionals to work as a team to better care for patients, to perform foundational research into interprofessional education/collaborative practice (IPE/CP), and to transform health care to incorporate more interprofessional models.

Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus (LUC - HSD) will be a force in advancing leadership and scholarship about interprofessional health sciences education and collaborative practice to improve patient safety and quality of care


LUC - HSD will be known to educate health professions leaders to establish, grow, and advance interprofessional collaboration and practice at their health professions schools and within their health practices and systems


This Loyola initiative will offer a joint curriculum with select classes for medical, nursing, public health, law, health systems management, business, bioethics, social work, nutrition and exercise science students to learn together. Faculty ambassadors, who were selected through a rigorous application process and who represent broad areas of specialization, will come together to lead the curriculum, practice and culture change necessary to fulfill the mission of the institute. The institute also will encourage faculty development and scholarship in interprofessional education and leadership. Loyola is among the first universities in the United States to implement such a collaborative model.


Dr. Engelmann interviews Dr. Michelfelder about IPE Leadership 10/2015

Loyola I-TIE Transformation of Clinical Care and Student Education