What is Interprofessional Collaborative Practice?

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) is when multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds work together  with patients, families, caregivers, and communities to deliver the highest quality of care (WHO, 2010)

Interprofessional Practice Opportunities at Loyola:

Loyola is a leader among universities in the United States to implement collaborative education and practice models.  Interprofessional coursework, clinical practica and learning opportunities are available for nursing, medical, public health, law, health systems management, business, bioethics, social work, nutrition, and exercise science students to learn together.  

  • Telehealth Urban Community
  • Primary Care Care-Coordination Role and Outcomes
  • Integration of Population Health and Health Disparities at sites such as School-Based Health Center, A Safe Haven, Loyola Community Nursing Center
  • CANDOR: Quality meets IPE

National Recognition for Interprofessional Practice:

Loyola University Chicago has recently been honored by The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education to be a Nexus innovation site. One of the interprofessional projects, Interprofessional Care Coordination Teams to Address Diabetes, is being conducted in collaboration with Loyola University Health System, our hospital/health system partner.  

Collaborative Practice:

Family Medicine: Care delivery in a LUHS Family Practice clinic

The department of family medicine houses a diverse, interprofessional team of people who are dedicated to research, education, and outstanding patient care. The family medicine principle of approaching every patient in the context of their family, their support system and the community drives everything we do. We also strive to provide the best and most supportive environment for the personal and professional growth of our learners and each other. Through collaboration, the people of the department of family medicine are working to improve the health and lives of everyone we can.