Medical Student Research Opportunities

More than one-third of Stritch students participate in formal research programs.  Many more are engaged in other, less formal, research opportunities.  Students are encouraged to participate in research because evidence demonstrates that such students:

  1. Become better physicians through their understanding and practice of evidence-based medicine;
  2. Are more likely to contribute to that evidence by their own research contributions; and
  3. Are more competitive for desirable residency and fellowship programs.

Scholar Perks

The Stritch School of Medicine and Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing are very interested in acknowledging and celebrating your research efforts.  Effective immediately, the Office of Research Services will provide a Scholar Perk for your research accomplishments. 

Who qualifies for Scholar Perks?
Any Loyola trainee (medical student, postdoctoral trainee, resident, fellow, nursing student or graduate student) 

How many authors are eligible for a Scholar Perk?
All Loyola trainees listed as authors are eligible for a Scholar Perk.  For example, for a paper with 6 authors including a student and a resident, both trainees (student and resident) are eligible for a Scholar Perk.

Can a body of work (i.e. paper) receive multiple Scholar Perks if it was presented (orally or poster), published AND received an AWARD?
Absolutely!  We hope this happens FREQUENTLY.

How far back does the Scholar Perk program go?
The Program goes back to January 2010.  There is no limit to the number of Scholar Perks during a single trainee’s time at Loyola.

For each of the following research activities, you will be rewarded with a Scholar Perk $5 card for Jazzman or the Loyola cafeteria.

  • Peer-reviewed publication
    Please provide evidence of acceptance
  • National, international research presentations (oral or poster, based on competitive abstract submission)
    Please provide evidence of presentation
  • Research awards (i.e. best paper, young investigator awards, etc.)
    Please provide details of award so that we can celebrate with you!

How do I get the Scholar Perk?

  • By email or in person, submit evidence of the award or dissemination of your research work to the Office of Research Services on the 4th floor of the Stritch School of Medicine Building. 

We look forward to hearing about the dissemination of your research efforts!

With all best wishes for success in your research,

Steven Goldstein, MD
Dean and Chief Diversity Officer
Stritch School of Medicine

Mitchell  F. Denning, PhD
Professor, Department of Pathology
Graduate Program Director, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program
Interim Vice Dean for Research, SSOM