‌Technology Transfer : Intellectual Property

Robert Wagner, MD, FACR, FACNP, Director of Technology Transfer
Rachel Beyler, Committee Coordinator

The Technology Transfer Committee (TTC) is charged with reviewing faculty requests for securing and protecting intellectual property rights (IPR).  We encourage faculty to review the Technology Transfer process overview and determine if their invention is ready for the preparation of a disclosure that can be submitted for protection of intellectual property rights by the filing of a provisional patent.  All disclosures submitted to the TTC will be reviewed (see dates for submission and review) and a recommendation will be made to the Provost and the Dean regarding support for the submission of a provisional patent or a full US patent application.  The TTC will also work with faculty on marketing and negotiating licensing agreements for intellectual property.  These services are available to staff and students insofar as these individuals are covered by the university’s IPR policy

Disclosing Your Invention

Disclosure permits evaluation of your invention to determine whether it is patentable and if commercial development is feasible. Failure to disclose may result in the loss of intellectual property protection of your invention. If your work is funded by an outside sponsor, disclosure is particularly important as there may be contractual obligations to the external sponsors who provided such support. In addition, Loyola is under special reporting obligations when the invention results from federally funded projects.

Preparing the Disclosure Form

Completion of this form ensures that the TTC receives all the required and relevant information to evaluate your disclosure for intellectual property protection and commercial potential. Please include any relevant supporting documents such as a draft manuscript, powerpoint presentation, etc. with your disclosure. Print the completed form and obtain the appropriate signatures. Scan the signed original disclosure form and send it along with supporting documents to Rachel Beyler.


Contact Rachel Beyler.

Evaluation by the TTC

The committee is composed of at least 12 members, who are faculty with established independent research careers. Members are nominated by the Provost. The committee roster is reviewed by the Provost and the Director of the TTC to insure reasonable distribution among departments and between the clinical and basic sciences.

Invention Disclosure Form

FAQS Disclosing Your Invention

Tech Transfer Presentation by TreMonti Consulting, LLC 


TTC Submission and Review dates for 2019

Loyola University Patent Policy