Roles & Responsibilities

The Office of Research Services is comprised of four key areas related to research administration:

Clinical Trials

Encourages the growth of clinical trial activity by aiding in the management and conduct of studies.

Regulatory Compliance

Manages and oversees administrative support for three regulatory research committees.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
In order to comply with the general assurance of compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services, all research projects must be reviewed no less frequently than once annually. All research projects are reviewed at the IRB meeting prior to the year anniversary of the initial IRB review through the Continuing Review of Activity form, which is sent to the principal investigator by the IRB. This form is to be completed and returned to the IRB Office by the date requested on the form. Failure to submit a Review to the IRB Office will result in termination of IRB approval and suspension of the study.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
The IBC has the role of ensuring the Loyola community that infectious agents are properly handled and contained; chemicals and biological toxins are safely handled and stored; and laboratories that conduct recombinant DNA research do so in compliance with federal guidelines.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
The IACUC is charged with oversight of all animal use to ensure compliance with national policies protecting the welfare of laboratory animals. A major function is to review experimental protocols and, where appropriate, recommend protocol modifications to improve the welfare of the animals. Other functions are to review animal husbandry conditions; review, approve, and disseminate institutional policies on animal welfare and psychological well being; act as an educational resource to the institution on animal welfare issues; and promote educational programs.

Grant and Contract Management

Facilitates the proposal submission and award management process by providing key pre- and postaward support to the faculty and staff of the school. Reviews and approves all proposals, regardless of the source of funding or the type of project (research, instructional, conference, travel, training, etc.), prior to institutional endorsement.

  • Reviews all proposals with special attention to oversight committee information and approvals, abstracts and lay summaries, budget and justification, institutional guidelines and policies.
  • Reviews for approval of material transfer agreements, sponsored research agreements, and clinical trials.
  • Approves cost sharing and matching funds commitments
  • Negotiates and accepts awards on behalf of the principal investigator
  • Approves the requests for accounts
  • Authorizes subcontracts, memoranda of agreement (MOAs), and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)

Research Funding Committee

Intramural Funds are derived from endowment monies and the Dean's Development Funds. The use of these funds is intended to meet both emerging opportunities and urgent needs. These include supporting young/new faculty member(s) in a period of pilot or preliminary investigation that will eventuate in successful subsequent funding by an external agency, support urgent needs of established research programs for which funding may have lapsed temporarily, and allow the exploration of novel research ideas that may lead to new research directions.