Module 6: CHNA Reports

The following examples from hospitals and health systems around the United States feature best practices in CHNA methodology, reporting and/or strategy implementation.

Kaiser Permanente – Multi-state facilities
Each hospital facility in the Kaiser Permanente system prepares two reports: the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report and the Implementation Strategy (IS) report. The division between assessment and implementation is an elegant feature of the Kaiser Permanente format. Findings from extensive health assessments are detailed in the CHNA report while the IS report describes the hospital’s planned response to the needs identified through CHNA. By dividing the two reports, Kaiser Permanente gives important focus to the implementation and planning phase of the process.
See Example of Report and/or strategy implementation

Cadence Health - Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield IL
The Cadence Health report does an excellent job of highlighting priority data. The report includes a cover page for each section. The cover page highlights three or more key findings. The data presentation is then tied together by linking data to health services planning implications.
See Example of Report and/or strategy implementation

UCLA Health, Los Angeles CA
UCLA Health discusses community health improvement as a two-part process: the assessment and the implementation strategy. By discussing the assessment results and corresponding strategies in two separate reports, this approach gives equal and important attention to both collecting the data and acting on the data.
See Example of Report and/or strategy implementation

Scripps Health, San Diego CA
The Scripps assessment uses clear, easy to understand graphics to present needs, priorities and strategies. This visually appealing format presents a complete picture of community.
See Example of Report and/or strategy implementation

Spectrum Health Hospitals, Grand Rapids MI
A distinguishing feature of the Spectrum Health report is a robust focus on community input. Unique methods of gathering community feedback were employed including intercept interviews and community input walls (methods of collecting anonymous responses at large public venues). Each section of the report includes a sub-section called Community Voice (a community member quote on the topic) which provides a unifying thread to the data.

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH
The Cleveland Clinic assessment is clearly divided into a main campus report plus an individual report for each affiliated facility. Community Benefit is discussed as a distinct topic. This format allows the reader to easily view the whole as well as each component part.
See Example of Report and/or strategy implementation