Public Health Workers

Public health workers strive to prevent and control conditions that have the potential to harm individuals and particular population groups. Public health covers a broad scope of issues, such as the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink, workplace and public safety, prevention and response to disease, nutrition, and the management of public programs that provide care for people whose health has been impacted by disease or disability.

Public health professionals work in many settings to guarantee:

  • Optimal human growth, development, and dignity across the life-span
  • Respect for community participation and preferences in health
  • Air, food, and water safety
  • Workplace, school and recreation site safety
  • Timely detection of disease outbreaks and public health threats
  • Science-based responses to public health problems
  • Health care access, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Encouragement of healthy choices that prolong a high quality life
  • Design and maintenance of policies and services to meet community and individual needs for physical and mental health.