The Biostatistics Core provides statistical consulting services for investigator initiated clinical research, and we recommend you consult with a statistician from project conception through to dissemination.  As many of our collaborators and trainees seek to expand their own understanding and knowledge of study design, statistical methods, and data science to enhance these collaborations, we have curated a list of recommended resources. 

Clinical Research: Study Design and Statistics

The Lancet Handbook of Essential Concepts in Clinical Research

JAMA Guide to Statistics and Methods

Biostatistics for Biomedical Research (course notes and videos)

Choosing Appropriate Statistical Methods for Clinical Research

Interpreting Measures of Association in Clinical Research

Guidelines for Reporting of Figures and Tables for Clinical Research

Recommendations for Planning Pilot Studies in Clinical and Translational Research

Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records

CONSORT Guidelines for Clinical Trials

PRISMA Guidelines for Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses

STROBE Guidelines for Observational Studies


Statistical Programming

R for Data Science

RStudio Training Materials

UCLA Statistical Consulting Website

Cross Validated Stats Exchange Community Message Board

SAS Support Communities


Data collection and management

Tidy Data

How to Share Data with a Statistician

Data Organization in Spreadsheets


Statistical Learning

Introduction to Statistical Learning in R (textbook and videos)