Director: Susan L. Uprichard, Ph.D.


The Loyola University Medical Center's Clinical Research Office (CRO) IRB approved Biospecimen Repository is under the direction of Susan L. Uprichard, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology.  The primary goal of the CRO-Biorepository is to collect a variety of valuable biological specimens from investigator initiated studies to support clinical research.  Demographic and phenotypic data is available for all samples stored in the CRO-Biorepository.  All data and specimens are de-identified, coded and confidentiality is protected under an NIH Certificate of Confidentiality.  The CRO-Biorepository is part of the CRO-Biobank which contains the equipment necessary and provides a variety of services related to clinical sample procurement, processing, storage, and distribution.

CRO-Biobank equipment:

  • -20°C and -80°C freezers hooked up to CObackup
  • Smart-Vue freezer temperature monitoring system
  • Sample management software, Freezerworks
  • Centrifuge
  • Semi-Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System
  • Spectrophotometer

CRO-Biobank services:

  • Specimen procurement and storage
  • Specimen processing
  • Specimen retrieval/distribution
  • Nucleic Acid or Protein Extraction
  • Fee List:
Service CategoryItemPriceUnit
Sample Storage   Monthly Storage $11.25 /Rack (or $0.45/Box)
Labels $0.15 /Tube
Sample Processing    DNA from Blood $40.00 /Sample
DNA from Cells/Tissue $30.00 /Sample



First Sample

/Each Additional Sample (up to 8)

Sample Distribution 

(Based on: Personnel Time PLUS Sample Costs) 

Personnel Time $24.00 /Hour (15 min. Intervals)
Serum/Plasma/BAL $2.00 /Sample
DNA from Blood $3.00 /Sample
DNA from Tissue $5.00 /Sample


  • New services can be added as needed, and prices are based on actual expenses.
  • Biobank budget drafts can be provided for grants as needed.
  • Fees updated as of October 2017.