Biostatistics Rates

The Biostatistics Collaborative Core provides comprehensive statistical consulting services for faculty in the Health Sciences Campus conducting investigator-initiated clinical research.  We provide an initial consultation of 1-2 hours as a free service and this consultation does not include data analysis.  At this meeting, we will recommend an appropriate payment model in one of the below categories if necessary:


  • Percent effort (Ongoing support).  Types of support: ongoing support including weekly meetings, database development, use of complex statistical methods, interpretation, and manuscript support. May be for an individual investigator or in support of a department/division. Common scope of analysis: 5-8 outcomes/dependent variables, 30-45 predictors/independent variables, 2-3 aims.
  • Advanced Block Rate (Substantial), $2500: approximately 20-40 hours total. Types of support: prospective RCT development including randomization and REDCap database management, meta-analyses, coordination of multi-site studies, or other complex study design/analysis support and manuscript preparation. Common scope of analysis:  3 outcomes/dependent variables, 20-30 predictors/independent variables, 1-2 aims.
  • Standard Block Rate (Large), $950: approximately 8-20 hours total.  Types of support:  multivariable linear or logistic regression models, propensity score matching, large survey data analysis, REDCap database support, and manuscript preparation.  Common scope of analysis:  2 outcomes/dependent variables, 15-20 predictors/independent variables, 1-2 aims.
  • Basic Block Rate (Moderate), $500: approximately 4-8 hours total.  Types of support:  REDCap database development (no analysis), univariable associations, summary statistics, abstract or poster review.  Common scope of analysis: 1 outcome/dependent variable, 5-10 predictors/independent variables, 1 aim. 
  • Extended Consultation (Low), $250: up to 4 hours total.  Types of support: Additional study design support, select summary tables and figures. 


  • Study design consultations and biostatistics services needed to prepare a grant application are exempt when the biostatistician’s effort is included in the proposed budget.
  • Statistical analysis services for projects operating under an approved Student Training in Approaches to Research (STAR) program protocol may be exempt.  See our STAR support guidance for further details.