‌Echocardiography Services Offered by CVRI Small Animal Core Facility

The CVRI Small Animal Core Facility has 2 machines (Visualsonics Vevo2100 and Acuson Sequoia 512) for performing high-frequency ultrasound in animals as small as mice, up to large animals such as rabbits.  Each machine offers its own unique capabilities making echocardiography obtainable  to evaluate multiple animal models of human cardiovascular diseases, including pulmonary hypertension, abdominal aortic aneurysms, atherosclerosis and diabetes. 

Standard scan includes: 

  • 2D B-mode anatomical imaging of the SAX and LAX (up to 740 fps)
  • 2D M-mode quantification of wall motion with optional anatomical m-mode orientation
  • Color and Pulsed-Wave Doppler measurements for directional blood flow information and mean velocities

 2-D SAX view of the left ventricle before left coronary artery ligation (rat)

2D SAX 2 days after left coronary artery ligation (rat)


Other options available upon request include:

  • Power Doppler and Tissue Doppler for quantification of tissue movement
  • Nonlinear Contrast Agent Imaging (Vevo MicroMarker®)
  • 3-D imaging for tumors or organs
  • Strain analysis to determine wall motion abnormalities, wall synchronicity and myocardial mechanics

3-D Tumor Modeling (mouse)

Cardiac Strain Analysis (mouse)


Echocardiography Pricing                         

cardio (2-D B mode short and long axis, m-mode, Doppler flow)     $100  animal
cardio (tissue Doppler)            add $30  animal
cardio (strain)           add $30  animal
 cardio (simpson’s)           add $30  animal
 cardio (3-D modeling)               add $35  animal
tumor (3-D modeling) $35  animal
organ (3-D modeling)     $35  animal
 training      $600 day
 machine use         $100 hour


  *  Researchers within the Loyola Community receive special discounts

**  Machine rental is contingent upon receiving sufficient training by a CVRI Small Animal Core member.  Contracted projects will recieve precedence over machine availability. IACUC approval is required.


To request training, please contact Dr. Sarah Burris at sburris@luc.edu.


To request machine rental, please fill out the following form and return to Dr. Sarah Burris sburris@luc.edu

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