Research Funding Committee Dates & Deadlines

Contact:  Maria Pelc, Committee Coordinator
Phone:  (708) 216-8434

Deadline Date

Meeting Date

(11:30AM - 1:00PM)

11/06/17, Monday 12/07/17, Thursday CTRE #136
02/05/18, Monday 03/08/18, Thursday CTRE #136
05/07/18, Monday 06/07/18, Thursday CTRE #136
08/06/18, Monday 09/06/18, Thursday CTRE #136
11/05/18, Monday 12/06/18, Thursday CTRE #136
* These are Pilot or New Investigator Projects or Translational Projects that have not already been reviewed externally.  Dr. Mitchell Denning will identify external reviews requiring 5-6 weeks to solicit and complete. Please provide 4 names of potential outside reviewers that you have NOT had prior collaboration.
** These are Bridge, Emergency Support or Translational Projects that have already been reviewed externally. Submission at this deadline requires inclusion of most recent external reviews.