Racial Justice Resources

Compiled below are resources surrounding racial justice.

If you would like to add to this list, please contact the HSC Ministry team at HSCMinistry@luc.edu. 

These webpages are a collaborative work between Health Sciences Ministry
and the Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage.



Lysaught resources for “Healthcare is a Racial Justice Issue,” October 28, 2020:

Shannen Dee Williams, “The Church Must Make Reparation for its Role in Slavery, Segregation,” NCR June15, 2020 

John Slattery, “A Catholic Case for Reparations,” Daily Theology July 21, 2020  

Willie Jennings, After Whiteness: An Education in Belonging (William B. Eerdmans Publishers, 2020) 

Scholars for Social Justice, on University Reparations 

Elijah Anderson, “The White Space,” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 1, no. 1 (2015): 10-21

Ibram Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist (One World Press, 2019)



Catholic Resources for Racial Justice: 

The church must make reparations for its role in slavery, segregation:

Daily theology: A Catholic case for reparations: 

The Atlantic: The case for reparations: 

UN definition of reconciliation, reparations: 
https://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/RemedyAndReparation.aspx and https://urj.org/what-we-believe/resolutions/resolution-study-and-development-reparations-slavery-and-systemic - _FTN11

New Boston College Forum to Focus on Racial Justice in America (Sept. 9, 2020)

The Use of Force Project
Policies regarding use of force different communities have in standing in their police precincts.

The Assumptions of White Privilege and What We Can Do About It (The National Catholic Reporter)

Loyola University Chicago Prayer and Reflection Service (Recorded session - June 4, 2020)

The Holy Spirit is Moving Us to Act Against Racism (America, the Jesuit Review)

Four Ways for White People to Challenge White Apathy (Ignatian Solidarity Network)

A Virtual Vigil for Racial Justice and Community Conversation (Santa Clara University)


Racism in Our Streets and Structures: A Test of Faith, A Crisis for Our Nation (Virtual Panel with Archbishop Gregory, Georgetown University)


Prayers for Racial Justice and Reconciliation (Jesuit Resource)


30 Mindful Minutes: A Prayerful Call to Action (Saint Joseph's University)

Engineered Conflict- A Discussion led by David Stovall
The University of Illinois Chicago’s David Stovall, an associate professor of Educational Policy Studies and African American Studies, discusses racism as it relates to school closings, public housing, law enforcement & the future of black life. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network (CAN TV).

The 21st Century Policing
Proposed by Barack Obama, this task force was formed to examine police brutality and police policies around the country, asking mayors of cities to sign on that they’ll sign the document and implement the ideas proposed. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago, IL, signed on and pledged.

Pope Francis’ General Audience Statement on Racism (6.3.20)

Statement of U.S. Bishop Chairmen in Wake of Death of George Floyd and National Protests (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)

Catholic Social Teaching & Racism (Fred Kammer, S.J., Jesuit Social Research Institute)

Combatting Racism (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)

#BlackCatholics Syllabus (Curated by Dr. Tia Noelle Pratt)
“This syllabus is a collection of resources related to Black Catholics in the United States. It is intended for academics, journalists, educators, diocesan institutions, parishes, congregations of women and men religious, and the general public. This syllabus prioritizes the work of Blacks in order to center the voice of Black Catholics in creation of their own narrative.”


Dr. Marcia Chatelain, Assoc. Professor of History and African American Studies at Georgetown University, started the hashtag on Twitter to gather resources to help teachers talk about Ferguson (and beyond).

Statements on Racial Violence and Calls to Action From Jesuit Universities and Partners (Compiled by the Association of Jesuit College and Universities, June 2020)

Breathing Space: Jesuit Institutions Must Do More to Confront Racism (Alex Mikulich, Ph.D., America Magazine, 10.26.15)

List: Catholic responses to the killing of George Floyd (Editors, America, 6.2.20)

We all must say ‘Black Lives Matter’ (Jamie Manson, NCR, 6.2.20)

The assumptions of what privilege and what we can do about it (Fr. Bryan Massingale, NCR, 6.1.20)

‘The ink has run dry on writing statements.’ Black Catholics call for action in wake of George Floyd’s killing (Michael O’Loughlin, America, 6.1.20)

How can Catholics help lead the fight against racism? (Olga Segura, America, 5.29.20)

Fellow White People, About Your Inherent Racism (Samantha Cocco, Ignatian Solidarity Network, 5.29.20)

2015 Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Keynote on Racial Justice (Includes Footnotes - Maureen O’Connell, La Salle University)

Religious orders owning slaves isn’t new—black Catholics have emphasized this history for years (Shannon Dee Williams, Ph.D., America, 8.16.19)

Race, Reclamation, and the Resilience Revolution (The Lotus Institute)

Prayer, Reflection, and Action for Racial Justice
Novena for Racial Justice: July 10-19
A Parish Journey for Racial Justice and Equity: July 16, 3-4:30 PM ET
21-Day Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge: July 20-August 9

How Black Americans can practice self-care during these trying times. And how everyone else can help them (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Beyond Protests: 5 More Ways To Channel Anger Into Action To Fight Racism (NPR)

Give Your Time: If you've thought about signing up to be a tutor or mentor, now is a great time. Check out the many national civil rights organizations or find a local, grass-roots group. Some options include: Color of Change, National Urban League, Black Lives Matter and Race Forward.


Resources Recommended by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): Racism is very real and can result in traumatic mental, emotional and physical issues. Getting help is a sign of courage, strength and self-advocacy.

  • Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM): Group aimed at removing the barriers that Black people experience getting access to or staying connected with emotional health care and healing. They do this through education, training, advocacy and the creative arts.

  • Black Mental Health Alliance: (410) 338-2642. Provides information and resources and a “Find a Therapist” locator to connect with a culturally competent mental health professional.

  • Black Mental Wellness: Provides access to evidence-based information and resources about mental health and behavioral health topics from a Black perspective, as well as training opportunities for students and professionals.

  • Ebony's Mental Health Resources by State: List of Black-owned and focused mental health resources by state as compiled by Ebony magazine.

  • Melanin and Mental Health: Connects individuals with culturally competent clinicians committed to serving the mental health needs of Black and Latinx/Hispanic communities. Promotes the growth and healing of diverse communities through its website, online directory and events.

  • Ourselves Black: Provides information on promoting mental health and developing positive coping mechanisms through a podcast, online magazine and online discussion groups.


WHAT NOW: An Antiracist Teach-In (NBA, WNBA, One World, Randomhouse)
Dates: August 16-22
WHAT NOW: An Antiracist Teach-In is a weeklong virtual conversation series featuring dialogues between Professor Kendi and other prominent thought leaders and activists. Through these conversations, we hope to listen, learn, and reflect as Americans chart a path forward for our country—and ourselves. Each ticket comes with a book, fulfilled by a different Black-owned bookstore each night, and admission to that evening’s conversation.

Daily Activities to Support Black Lives Matter (June, July August 2020): PDF Calendar & Google Calendar