Racial Justice Resources for LUC faculty and staff

Compiled below are resources surrounding racial justice specifically for faculty and staff of Loyola University Chicago.

If you would like to add to this list, please contact the HSC Ministry team at HSCMinistry@luc.edu.

These webpages are a collaborative work between Health Sciences Ministry
and the Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage.



LUC Staff & Faculty: Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases
We all hold biases, whether conscious or unconscious. Part of understanding the role of unconscious bias in the workplace is admitting to yourself that you, too, hold biases. Once accepted, you can take an anti-bias approach to overcoming unconscious prejudice. In this course, you'll learn how to recognize your own unconscious and implicit bias and how they can fall prey to social stereotypes.

LUC Staff & Faculty: Bridging the Diversity Gap
To get the most innovative solutions from the individuals in your organization, you need to create a workplace that embraces inclusion and avoids bias and stereotyping. This course focuses on what diversity is and how to leverage the diversity within the organization. You’ll also explore the barriers, such as unconscious bias, that must be overcome to create a diversified and inclusive working environment.