Trip Destinations

*Trip dates subject to change until booked in March*

One-week Experience ($1,000 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,500/person total cost)

Belize City, Belize (May 20-27)

Those who travel to Belize City will work with Hand in Hand Ministries and explore the lived realities of Belize through time spent in the Outreach Center, where children afflicted with HIV/AIDS receive medical treatment and daycare. Participants will work alongside a family to construct a home for them and may experience some of the educational classes around finance, hygiene, and parenting that are offered to newly-housed families.

Kenscoff, Haiti
(May 19-28)

Located just outside the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Chances for Children engages in the community through investment in education, vocational training, micro-credit opportunities, agricultural support, faith formation, and community building. C4C holds the unique emphasis of partnering with four orphanages to assist with much needed resources, such as food, supplies, and medications, while also assisting in construction of bathrooms, bedrooms, and general site additions and improvements.

US-Mexico Border, Texas 
(May 20-27)

Details coming soon.


Nursing Student ISI ($1,250 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,900/person total cost)

Santiago, Dominican Republic (May 10-19)

The ISI Dominican Republic Immersion builds on a Jesuit partnership with the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) affiliated with Creighton University.  The ILAC Center (now over 40 years old) is located just outside of the city of Santiago.  There, ISI teams receive an orientation into the socioeconomic, political and cultural history of the country. Through ILAC’s collaborations with Chronic Care International (CCI), participants will learn about the care provided through the ILAC network in the villages surrounding Santiago. With CCI, participants will learn about the growing need for, as well as complex challenges presented by, chronic care in lower resourced settings through time spent with health promoters and providers who address the epidemic of chronic disease in the international setting. Advanced Spanish is a prerequisite for participation in this experience. Participants on this trip will partner with CCI and their team of health promoters by working in local towns to further the work of health education and chronic care prevention and management.


Two-Week Experience ($1,250 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,900/person total cost)

Palacios, Bolivia  (May 20-June 3)

Trek through rural Bolivia to arrive at Centro Medico Humberto Parra. Founded in 2001 by Loyola nephrologist, Dr. Susan Hou, her husband, Northwestern endocrinologist Dr. Mark Molitch, and Bolivian endocrinologist, Dr. Douglas Villaroel, CMHP serves over 3,000 patients annually through clinic visits, surgical campaigns, deparatization programs, and emergency care resources. Participants at this site will receive exposure to clinical flow and care provided in CMHP. The majority of student time will focus on learning from and working with the network of Community Health Promoters and assisting in health education, as well as immersion into the daily life routines of the community. Advanced Spanish is a prerequisite for participation in this experience.

Corozal, Belize
(May 22-June 4)

Participants in this experience join Dr. Judi Jennrich to travel to Corozal, located near the Belize-Mexico border. Dr. Jennrich has partnered with the community of Corozal for over 20 years and graciously introduces participants to the central figures of the community of Corozal. Participants assist with ongoing projects and work with local providers to gain exposure to hospital care and mobile health clinics. Trends in medical training, medical care, and general awareness around health topics are commonly discussed during this experience.


Extended Experience ($1,500 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $3,500/ total cost)

Holon, Israel (May 22-June 17)

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) provides life-saving cardiac surgery and other lifesaving procedures for the world’s poorest children at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel.  SACH saves children with congenital heart defects who have almost no chance of surviving to adulthood in their native countries, and saves their lives with no political, cultural, religious, or racial preference whatsoever.  To date, SACH has saved the lives of 4,000 children from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East. SACH brings the children to Israel in groups of 4-7 accompanied by a nurse from their home country, or a parent or close relative, for children under the age of three. They stay at the SACH Children's Home in Holon, a type of Ronald McDonald House, run by the SACH Housemother, a Volunteer Coordinator and dozens of volunteers. The children remain in the home until their scheduled surgery, traveling when needed for medical evaluation and examinations.  Following the surgery and required hospitalization period, the children are discharged from the hospital to the SACH Children's Home for a period of follow-up care lasting at least one month, but on the average of three months. Full-Time Volunteers live in the SACH Children’s Home and are fully immersed in the day to day lives of the children and their families.  They create fun, imaginative, and educational activities, oversee the volunteer shifts to ensure that the part-time volunteers and the children are involved in safe activities, and help the Housemother and Volunteer Coordinator with any additional tasks.  Participants would serve as Full Time Volunteers at the SACH Children’s Home for two weeks. If participants stay for four weeks, they will also participate in the SACH Medical Internship, during which they would shadow doctors, observe procedures and surgeries, and gain insight into how the Israeli hospital system functions.

Nuevo Horizonte, Guatemala (May 22-June 17)

Nuevo Horizonte is a community of former combatants and their families who, upon the signing of the Peace Accords with the United Nations in December 1996, came down from 15 years of “living in the mountains,” turned in their weapons, and were facilitated a large piece of land on which to build their community.  Cooperativa Nuevo Horizonte (CNH) is comprised of about 100 families (500 people) and is located in the Petén in the northeast corner of Guatemala, forty-five minutes in car or mini-bus from the city of Flores. Participants in this trip could participate in Spanish language classes, and would spend the majority of their time participating in the life of the cooperative, learning from the community and supporting the various local efforts to create a healthy and vibrant environment for its members.  These activities can range from milking cows in the dairy cooperative to health education classes (based upon Child-to-Child health education) in the schools. The cooperative also includes a sustainable tilapia farm, a reforestation project, a community store, and raising livestock. Participants can live with host families or in a volunteer house. The setting is remote, with limited internet, and is warm in the summer season.

Quito, Ecuador (May 20-June 17)

Join the tremendous work of the Working Boys’ Center (Centro del Muchacho Trabajador) in Quito, Ecuador. Their mission to accompany and educate began over 50 years ago in an effort to provide an alternative to shoeshine boys in the streets and has grown to positively impact the lives of over 6,000 families, or over 30,000 individuals, through accompanying families, building educational opportunities, technical skill, and community ties. Time spent at WBC will trend toward organizational need and opportunity and will provide immersion into the daily life of the community as well as an introduction to the intersection of community need and organized response.