Trip Destinations

Please Note:
*Trip dates subject to change until site placement and participation solidified (approximately December 1).

*Participants should assume the dates could fluctuate 1-2 days on either end of the posted dates below.*


Spring Break 2020 Immersions: More info coming soon!

ABSN/MPH/MSMP Immersion ($1,000 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,500/person total cost)
Dates: March 1-7, 2020


Stritch Medical Student Immersion ($1,000 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,500/person total cost)
Dates: March 8-14, 2020
Immigration/migration-focused immersion to US/Mexico border and/or Central American location.


ABSN Nursing/MPH Immersion ($1,250 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,900/person total cost)

Santiago, Dominican Republic (May 6-14, 2020)

Our Dominican Republic Immersion builds on a Jesuit partnership with the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) affiliated with Creighton University. The ILAC Center, now over 40 years old, is located just outside of the city of Santiago. There, ISI teams receive an orientation into the socioeconomic, political, and cultural history of the country. Through ILAC’s collaborations with Chronic Care International (CCI), participants will learn about the care provided through the ILAC network in the villages surrounding Santiago while staying with local families. With CCI, participants learn about the growing need for, as well as complex challenges presented by, chronic care in lower resourced settings through time spent with health promoters and providers who address the epidemic of chronic disease in the international setting. Participants on this trip will partner with CCI and their team of health promoters by working in local campos to further the work of health education and chronic care prevention and management which may include time in the Diabetic Clinic, home visits, and healthcare presentations to local schools. The time in the campo also includes a home-stay with a local family.
*Intermediate or conversational Spanish is helpful but not required for participation in this experience.



The following SUMMER experiences are open to MPH and M1 Stritch medical students:

One-week Immersions ($1,000 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,500/person total cost)

Belize City, Belize (May 24-31, 2020)

The Belize City immersion offers a unique experience that integrates cultural immersion in a country rich in Caribbean and Mayan history while working side-by-side with local residents and community members. Serving with long-time partner Hand in Hand Ministries, in just one week participants contribute to the building of a home – from start to finish – learning from and serving with local families. Each evening, the group gathers for communal reflection and cultural learning, on topics ranging from local outreach for those living with HIV/AIDS, to health care delivery systems in Belize, to traditional forms of Belizean music and dance.
*This trip will allow for dual participation in ISI and the Stritch School of Medicine STAR research program.
*There are no language requirements for this site.

Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
(May 24-31, 2020)

Immerse yourself in the Oglala Lakota Nation (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) as you learn about the Oglala Lakota, their culture, their spiritual tradition, the impact of history and geography on contemporary life, and challenges facing this community, including those with health care. The week will include conversation with tribal leaders, including spiritual leaders, nurses, educators, pastors, and counselors. Visiting historical sites, including Wounded Knee, White Clay, the Badlands, and the Black Hills, attending Sunday Mass in the tribal church, and tours of the Indian Health Service Hospital will round-out the experience.
*This trip will allow for dual participation in ISI and the Stritch School of Medicine STAR research program.  
*There are no language requirements for this site.


Two-Week Immersions ($1,250 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $2,900/person total cost)

Palacios, Bolivia  (May 25-June 7, 2020)

The majority of this immersion is spent in a rural clinic, Centro Medico Humberto Parra. Founded in 2001 by Loyola nephrologist, Dr. Susan Hou, her husband, Northwestern endocrinologist Dr. Mark Molitch, and Bolivian endocrinologist, Dr. Douglas Villaroel, CMHP serves over 3,000 patients annually through clinic visits, surgical campaigns, deparatization programs, and emergency care resources. Participants at this site receive exposure to clinical flow and care provided in CMHP, having the opportunity to participate with daily clinic operations such as assisting in the lab or pharmacy, patient intake, observing physicians, and practicing patient interview skills in Spanish. Students may also work with the network of Community Health Promoters and give health education presentations at local schools. While in Palacios, students stay in a home on the clinic property and are immersed in the daily-life routines of the surrounding community.
*Conversational to advanced Spanish is a prerequisite for participation in this experience.

Corozal, Belize
(May 25-June 7, 2020)

Participants in this immersion join Dr. Judi Jennrich, PhD, RN, APN in Corozal, located near the Belize-Mexico border. Dr. Jennrich has partnered with the community of Corozal for over 20 years and graciously introduces participants to the central figures of the community of Corozal. Participants assist with ongoing projects and work with local health care providers to gain exposure to hospital care and mobile health clinics. A day might consist of assisting with vision tests for school children or helping adults get screened for hypertension, diabetes, or cancer. There is also opportunity to assist with health education classes offered to adults, parents, and children in the villages and schools of the district. Trends in medical training, medical care, and general awareness around health topics are commonly discussed during this experience. The group also participates in local service initiatives around the community, whether cleaning up a park, assisting local Peace Corps volunteers with ongoing projects, or completing small repair projects.
*There are no language requirements for this site, though Spanish is helpful.


Mexico City, Mexico (June 15-28, 2020)

This experience combines the resources of Health Sciences Ministry and the Department of Anthropology at the level of students, faculty, and staff. Participants will work in collaboration with deportee rights organizers in Mexico City, through Deportados Unidos and partner organizations, to explore issues related to family separation and reunification, socioemotional needs, housing and employment, social belonging, and public policy. As some 450 deportees arrive in Mexico City from the United States each week, this experience will help students develop better understandings of the human consequences of aggressive immigrant policing, detention, andm ass deportation. Participants considering this trip will benefit from understanding and embrace of a constantly-shifting schedule and reprioritization of daily and weekly activities, and are comfortable learning to navigate transportation throughout Mexico City with guidance from trip leadership and site partners.
*Advanced Spanish skills are a requirement for participation in this experience.


Extended Immersions (For international trips only: $1,500 student fundraising commitment of the estimated $3,500/person total cost)

Maywood, Illinois (May 27-August 1, 2020)

This extended ISI experience offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in our local community serving with Housing Forward, an organization in neighboring Maywood, Illinois, addressing the needs of homelessness in west suburban Cook County. Students partner with organization leadership and clients in living a mission to “transition people from housing crisis to housing stability.” This engagement provides abundant opportunity to learn about the vital links between health and housing while exploring broader issues related to homelessness, addiction, mental illness, access to health care, systemic racism and social stigma. Beginning immediately after Memorial Day, Housing Forward hosts a targeted transitional shelter program for a cohort of individuals seeking permanent housing and the opportunity to build skills and knowledge in the areas of health and employment. Students provide a supportive presence at shelter one or more evenings per week. Embracing an accompaniment model of engagement, students share evening meals with clients, build relationships through casual conversation and activities, and provide targeted health education sessions throughout the summer.
*Applicants should make the $150 initial fundraising contribution for this immersion.


Quito, Ecuador (May 25-June 20, 2020)

Join the tremendous work of the Working Boys’ Center (Centro del Muchacho Trabajador) in Quito, Ecuador. Their mission to accompany and educate began over 50 years ago as an effort to provide an employment alternative to shoeshine boys working in the streets. Today, the work of the center has grown to positively impact the lives of over 6,000 families, or over 30,000 individuals, through accompaniment of whole families, building educational opportunities, providing technical skill training, and community building through education and health initiatives. Time spent at WBC will trend toward organizational need and opportunity, and will provide immersion into the daily life of the community as well as an introduction to the intersection of community need and organized response. Participants have the opportunity to shadow and partner with local Family & Social Promoters who work with individuals and families on basic health practices and initiatives through home visits and educational sessions. There are also opportunities to offer health education sessions to children and adults and to shadow local physicians, physical therapists, or other health care providers as they respond to the health care needs of the community. Weekends provide the chance to visit cultural sites and to travel to rural communities to participate in a local minga, a communal work day to build or repair housing for those in need. 
*Conversational to advanced Spanish skills are required for participation in this experience.


Santiago, Dominican Republic (June 22-July 26, 2020)

Students who participate in the Summer Program through Creighton University Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) will experience, "the opportunity to live with and become a part of a family and community in the campos of the Dominican Republic." The immersion focuses on building relationships across cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic barriers, as well as creates the opportunity for Dominicans living in rural communities to receive basic health care. While living in the campo for 4 weeks, students experience the depth and breadth of life in the community, living with a local family in a home stay. Students shadow and work alongside physicians, dentists, nurses, and other health care professionals working in a small clinic in the morning, and the afternoons are left to spend time with families to give 'charlas' (educational talks) on techniques to improve the quality of life through preventive health care. This is an inter-professional experience, with students from a variety of health care backgrounds and universities sharing in this common summer experience. 
*Conversational to advanced Spanish skills are required for participation in this experience.