Instructional Design

What is Instructional Design?

“The discipline of instructional design is concerned primarily with prescribing optimal methods of instruction to bring about desired changes in student knowledge and skills.” (Reigeluth, 1983, p.4) It is a process by which instruction is improved through the analysis of needs and systematic development of learning materials. Technology and multimedia tools are often employed to enhance instruction and student engagement in the learning process.

How can an instructional designer help me?

An instructional designer can help you:

  • Apply the appropriate pedagogy for the specific learning environment for classroom, online, or blended delivery formats
  • Assist in developing learning objectives and determining how to align those objectives with appropriate assessment strategies to measure the desired learning outcomes
  • Relate effective ways of motivating and engaging students in activities designed for learning
  • Increase student collaboration through the use of online communications tools and group activities
  • Become familiar with some of the technology tools currently available at Loyola University
  • Select the technology that is most suitable for the course delivery format, the type of learning and the intended audience
  • Adapt instructional materials created for one format to another such as translating classroom instruction to online learning
  • Design and create multimedia or other supplements to support learning

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