Instructional Design Team

Instructional designers consult with faculty to create engaging and interactive instruction. Course designs are grounded in theoretical frameworks and based on best practices in teaching and learning for the designated delivery format. Instructional designers can also work with faculty to design and develop instructional materials for online, hybrid and face-to-face delivery formats. We will work with faculty to create interactive multimedia learning objects and elearning modules. Additionally, we offer professional development workshops with a pedagogical focus to enhance faculty skills and knowledge in teaching and the use of learning technologies.

The elearning assistant provides support for Sakai content management, troubleshooting and online testing assistance. He assists the instructional designers in support of their work with the faculty.

Working with the Instructional Design Team

We are here to help you improve your teaching and instruction. Our work together will be a collaborative venture. You are the subject matter experts and will provide the content expertise while we provide expertise in learning and learning theory. Together we will devise a plan or a solution to achieve your goals and meet your needs. Even if you aren't sure what you wish to achieve or what you need to do to improve your teaching and/or instruction, work with us! We will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your pedagogical approach, offer innovative ideas for classroom instruction, or introduce you to learning technologies that can augment your instruction and enhance student engagement.

Looking for some assistance?

To set up a consultation, contact Stacey or Toni directly via email or through the scheduling tool. Basic requests for assistance with learning technologies should be sent to Emails sent to this address will be received by John, Toni and Stacey. We will then determine who will handle the request based on area of expertise and current workload. Requests will be tracked to assure that assistance has been provided. You can also visit our Support Center and click the "new ticket" button to submit a form request for assistance. From the Support Center page you can link to the scheduling tool and the workshop registration page.