Community and Global Health Seminar Series

The Community and Global Health Seminar Series strives to expose the audience to fundamental concepts and committed Global Health practitioners who strive to incorporate Global Health into their career. The Seminar Series is divided into two components: Essential Topics in Global Health and CCGH Supported Events. CCGH Supported Events invite professionals from multiple disciplines who have worked in various capacities under the umbrella of Global Health, both domestically and internationally. Speakers share their professional and personal path to global health involvement, as well as their ongoing projects. Essential Topics seminars concentrate on specific concerns encountered in the broad field of Global Health practice. Those who attend these sessions prepare through the completion of online modules and/or journal articles for a discussion-based review of the particular topics. Global Health practitioners lead these engaging sessions.

Both CCGH Supported Events and Essential Topics seminars are open to students, faculty and staff from within Stritch School of Medicine, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, and the larger Health Sciences Division.

As a requirement of the Community and Global Health Honors program, students must attend a total of 16 Essential Topics sessions and CCGH Supported Event sessions by graduation (at least 6 must be Essential Topics). ‌

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