Loyola Street Medicine 

Loyola Street Medicine is dedicated to providing medical care and social outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness. Comprised of an interdisciplinary team of faculty, residents, medical and nursing students, MSMP students, and public health personnel, Loyola Street Medicine's major objectives are to:

  • Address the unique problems of the homeless through a psychosocial model of care;
  • Improve access to quality health care for the homeless population through street and shelter-based care;
  • Engage patients with primary and preventive care, link patients to local resources, and provide follow-up care with the ultimate goal of connecting patients to a permanent medical home;
  • Promote health literacy, healthy lifestyles, and community wellness;
  • Break down stigmas by promoting positive dialogue between people experiencing homelessness and the medical community;
  • Create a valuable interdisciplinary, experiential learning, and community engagement opportunity for students and faculty across all disciplines.

Loyola Street Medicine collaborates with other Chicago-area street medicine teams, such as The Night Ministry, and partners with Housing Forward, a local non-profit that has been involved in transitioning individuals from housing crisis to housing stability since 1992.


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