Global Field Experience Grants

Global Field Experience (GFE) Grants provide limited funding to students undertaking work at a local or international site that supports their Global Health projects. M2-M4 students in good standing are eligible for up to $1,500 in GFE grants annually, with preference given to Community and Global Health (CGH) Honors students who utilize their field experience for the development of their Scholarly Projects.

Please note that students who receive academic course credit for an experience or project are not eligible for GFE Grants for that experience or project. Ignatian Service Immersion trips are also ineligible for GFE Grants.


Eligibility and Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be an M2-M4 student in good standing and preferably a CGH Honors student;
  • GFE grant application must include specific details about how the grant will further the indicated Global Health work or Scholarly Project (if CGH Honors) and IRB approval;
  • Applicants must have an established relationship with their proposed hosting organization/site and submit a Letter of Invitation from the organization/site, listing the applicant’s role and responsibility and site contact information;
  • Applicants must seek and secure CCGH approval of any/all in-person field experience prior to the start of the field experience activities; approval is not automatic and should not be assumed.

Process and Timeline

GFE Grant applications are made available in Sakai in the early fall for CGH Honors students, who should follow the instructions and deadline on the form. Students who are not in the CGH Honors Program may access the form below and email upon completion to, with the understanding that the applications are generally not processed on a rolling basis.

A deposit may be required upon application but is refunded for applications not accepted. The CCGH interviews all applicants in the fall, with initial approval determined by December. 


Required Forms for GFE Grants for International Hosting Sites

Students approved for GFE Grants for international sites must also complete the following required paperwork and submit to the CCGH office at least 60 days prior to travel: