International Electives

Stritch School of Medicine M4 students in good academic standing are eligible for 4-8 weeks of credit through International Electives supported by the CCGH. These electives do not count toward a student's external elective credits, involve a formal process of application, and are of two types: Intramural and External.

Application Process

  • Interested students attend an information meeting during the Spring of M3 year to learn more about application procedures and timeline, which may vary each year;
  • Generally, however, applications for Intramural Electives must be submitted by July of M4 year and External Electives by October of M4 year, though certain sites may require submission of specific documents sooner.


  • Funding for International Electives may be available in the form of reimbursement;
  • Definitive information regarding funding is shared by November of M4 year with students approved for International Electives;
  • The amounts awarded vary based on the total number of students participating in International Electives in a given year and do not fully cover expenses: students must anticipate paying for a portion of their expenses.

Intramural Electives

Intramural Electives exist at health care sites with long-standing relationships with CCGH and other Loyola faculty. The electives are coordinated closely with the CCGH, with students being supervised by local attending physicians over a 4-week rotation:

External Electives

External, or Individually Designed, Electives do not have a formal affiliation or partnership with the CCGH.

Students interested in enrolling in electives not in the CCGH Course Catalog, may apply for 4-8 weeks of elective credit through CCGH-499.

Early planning is crucial to success in arranging such electives and students may consider referring to the online resource "Planning Your Global Health Elective" for guidance.

External Elective Examples: