Noah Birch, Class of 2013 Graduate, on elective in Vietnam

Karen Heisler, Class of 2014 Graduate, on elective in Guatemala


Application Process

To apply for Intramural or external electives, students must start planning early. Please complete forms for Dean Mendez in Student Affairs and Dr. Amy Blair of the CCGH.Applications are required for all students and can be found in myLUMEN Elective Registration.  All applications will be reviewed and approved by Dr. Amy Blair.  The deadline for Intramural elective slot reservation is July.  A firm deadline of December will be applied for all international electives.

April 2017 M3S International Elective Presentation

Students will be required to submit additional documentation after July 1 to finalize their enrollment in the elective. Forms that are required by the Center for Community and Global Health include:‌

Forms should be turned into the CCGH office for final elective approval.



All international electives will be graded according to the official grading system (Pass/Fail). International elective grades are completed by a student's on-site supervisor and are based on elective performance and successful completion of elective requirements. The evaluation form requires the elective supervisor to provide written comments related to the student's understanding, skill development, professional attitude, demonstrated competencies, and any other criteria which were specified to be met during the elective. Final grades will be determined by Dr. Amy Blair.

Accepted students must pick up a paper grade evaluation from the CCGH office prior to their departure and are due to the CCGH office immediately upon a student's return. 

Intramural Electives

Several field experiences in Global Health are offered as Intramural electives at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Current Intramural electives are offered in: 

External Elective Opportunities

External International Electives are approved by the Director of the Center for Community and Global Health on a case-by-case basis.  Please review the policies and procedures for students taking External International Electives. Individually designed External Electives should be planned early. Students should:

  • Allow at least 3-months preparation time for approval, logistics planning and agreements between institutions
  • Reflect on goals for elective and career
  • Find a site mentor/champion
  • See "Planning Your Global Health Elective" on GHEC and University of Arizona website
  • Complete CSGH-499 online application in the Elective Registration System at least 3-months before the desired rotation start date


Examples of Local and International External Elective Opportunities 

(list should not be considered inclusive)


Elective Funding

  • Internal funding for intramural electives and some external electives may be available in the form of reimbursement. Additional information regarding funding will be announced to students upon elective enrollment.
  • Global Health Elective - Financial Resource List


Please contact with questions