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Course Description

The goal of this rotation is to place late M3 students in an international clinical and teaching setting that is both supervised and longitudinal. ISI teams consist of first-year (M1) students, faculty physicians and chaplains. Adding M3 students to the ISI teams offers opportunities for cross-class teaching before trips occur and in the clinical setting. Enrollment preference will be given to Global Health Honors students whose global health scholarly project will be advanced by the elective.

Evaluation Method

Supervision and evaluation of field experience is by ISI faculty physicians and the preparation and teaching is under the direction of the Center for Community and Global Health. Students will be evaluated by the ISI team physician (field experience) and by Dr. Blair on the performance in the preparation components as well as final elective requirements.


 This elective is limited to third year students who have committed to the Global Health Honors program and are meeting requirements. The number of spaces available for ISI elective students varies from year to year. If student interest in ISI electives is higher than the number of spaces available, there will be an interview in addition to the application process.  


Applicants should complete the Center for Community and Global Health application form found in myLUMEN under “Elective Registration.”  Forms that are required by the Center for Community and Global Health include:

 Forms should be turned into the CCGH office for final elective approval.

Contact for more information about this elective opportunity.