Global Health Epidemiology Elective

The Global Health Epidemiology elective, CCGH-409, is a four-week course comprised of two weeks of didactic sessions addressing the basic concepts of Epidemiology, study design, and evaluation techniques, and two weeks applying these concepts by furthering the design and beginning the implementation of individual projects. 

This elective is open to Community and Global Health (CGH) Honors M3 and M4 students in good standing. The second two weeks of the course will focus on development of the Scholarly Project required by the Honors Program.

All students will present their final project to the Center for Community and Global Health and the Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health. When applicable, students will be guided in producing a publishable manuscript.

Elective Goals

Upon successful completion of the elective, students should:

  • Gain an understanding of the basic principles of epidemiology;
  • Articulate the applicability of epidemiology to medical practice and, in particular, Global Health fieldwork;
  • Conduct fieldwork bound by institutional guidelines on ethical conduct of research;
  • Obtain the necessary skills required to analyze the content and quality of medical literature;
  • Develop an appropriate and realistic project proposal, or enhance an existing project’s structure, implementation, and evaluation;
  • Examine the benefits a particular population or community derives from the project.

Global Health Epidemiology Elective Description.pdf

Application Procedures

There is a supplemental application for this elective which students must request by emailing Students must apply 90 days in advance of their desired rotation to ensure space availability. Up to four students can be accommodated each month. 

Students including travel as a part of this elective are required to submit a detailed travel justification and plan with their application. Students should also include at least two preferences of date, one month in length, and comments or questions about dates of participation in their application.