Local Community Engagement

The Center for Community and Global Health (CCGH) partners with a variety of local organizations, many of which host Community and Global Health (CGH) Honors students for their required Field Experience. 

While the CCGH's partners regularly host CGH Honors students, they welcome all Loyola community members to participate in service opportunities of varying duration. 

The following list of partners is representative but not all inclusive. 

Individuals seeking additional guidance in being connected with opportunities for community service are encouraged to write to ccgh@luc.edu


Other Opportunities

The CCGH also supports students who wish to serve organizations operating at the national level and/or based in other parts of the United States.

Recent examples of such organizations where the CCGH supported CGH Honors students undertaking field experience during M1 summer break include Project C.U.R.E., the Cambridge Women's Center, and the American Red Cross