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Susan L. Uprichard
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Microbiology and Immunology
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Harvard University , Cambridge , MA , United States
The focus of my research program is hepatitis viruses with an emphasis on hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). Although HCV and HBV represents significant public health burdens, research efforts to understand these viral infections infection have been hindered by the lack of experimental systems. For this reason, one initial and continuing focus of the laboratory is the establishment, characterization, and optimization of the experimental in vitro cell culture and in vivo mouse models needed to dissect the HCV and HBV life cycles, identify effective antiviral strategies, understand molecular mechanisms of associated liver disease, and identify the viral-host interactions that determine the outcome of infection (i.e. clearance versus chronicity) Ongoing projects utilizing our established infectious HCV cell culture systems include: (1) the study of the viral-host interactions that regulate viral entry and cell-to-cell spread (including elucidating the role two HCV entry factors we have discovered, i.e. NPC1L1 and TfR1); (2) investigating the role host cell lipid pathways in HCV infection (with a focus on factors we specifically identified via genomic RNAi screening as being involved in viral infection; (3) development and use of mathematical models to understand HCV infection dynamics and response to antiviral therapy. Ongoing HBV projects include: (1) Optimization of the currently new but inefficient HBV cell culture infection system’ (2) Characterization of the humanized chimeric mouse model of HBV infection’ (3) Investigating the viral-host interactions that regulate viral entry and determine the extent to which HBV can spread directly via cell-to-cell transmission
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