Biostatistics Fees

The Biostatistics Collaborative Core provides comprehensive statistical consulting services for faculty in the health sciences division conducting investigator-initiated clinical research.  We provide an initial consultation of 1-2 hours as a free service.  At this meeting, we will recommend an appropriate payment model if necessary.  Some research projects may be exempt, or services provided pro bono as our resources allow.  You may request our services using the CRO Request Form.

Consulting Fees:

  • Percentage effort on grant (may not be less than 5% effort)
  • Percentage effort on retainer
  • Hourly fees (excludes initial consultation): $125 / hour


  • Statistical analysis services for projects operating under an approved Student Training in Approaches to Research (STAR) program protocol are exempt from this fee structure.
  • There is no charge for grant preparation collaboration when the biostatistician’s effort is included in the proposed budget.
  • Unfunded investigator-initiated clinical research projects may receive statistical analysis services as resources allow.  If services requested extend beyond 2% staff effort in a given quarter, or 1% annually, we may recommend one of the above payment models for future requests.