New Website Request

Programs, departments, and schools get their own websites. If you are not one of these three things consider creating a web page or new section rather than a new site. If you have questions about your web presence or needs please contact Lauren Custis.

New sites must be entered as projects (link to basecamp/creative request form). Make sure to specify this is for Stritch, Niehoff, or HSD. It will be most efficient if you have content before submitting the request for a new site.

Questions that must be answered so we can best assist you (include in project request):

  • Who is the audience for this site?
  • What are the goals for this site?
  • Is the content created? Is someone specifically working on creating the content?
  • Who will be managing the content on your site?

General Site Layout Example

General Site Template

General New Site Layout

Please have content created before submitting a request. Below are explanations of pages that may fall under a site. You need a minimum of 5 pages (homepage + 4 sections) before we can build your site. If headshots, or photography will be needed please specify this in your request.

  • Homepage (letter from the dean, general overview of the site, mission or purpose of the site. Should be short and direct people to other pages in your site).
      • The website banner will be the name of your department, school, or program followed by a statement. Please specify what you would like it say keep it between 3-12 words.
    • About Us – a more in depth overview of the purpose of your site and what you are trying to accomplish.
    • Faculty and Staff – a listing of faculty and staff. Names, titles, descriptions, contact information.
    • Admission – a paragraph about admissions. Requirements to get in, someone to contact for more information etc.
    • Our Program –talk about the program (curriculum, tuition, current projects – if enough content is created, those can become pages that live under “Our Program”)
    • News and Events - Stay informed with news and events from “title of site” – a list of links to publications featuring your school/program etc. Can also link to other Loyola stories relating to your site.
    • Research – Optional Tab, if your school or program has publishes research or articles these can be listed here.