Health-EQ Call for Proposals

Due Date: April 23, 2018

The Health-EQ Collaborative of Loyola University Chicago’s Strategic Plan 2020 is calling for project proposals that will increase the knowledge and awareness of health disparities or that have the potential to decrease health disparities. The goal is to support Institutional Priority 3, Strategy 4 of Plan 2020, which is to “Promote transdisciplinary collaboration for solutions to community health disparities.”

The Health-EQ Collaborative has made a commitment to advance projects focused on three key areas: education, research, and community partnerships. We will accept proposals for projects that impact health disparities within on one of the three key areas.

Proposals can request funding up to $50K.  Continued funding is not guaranteed.

Proposals may not exceed 8 pages, single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. The following format must be used. Appendices (i.e. references etc.) not included in page count.

I. Project Title. Does the title accurately reflect the project?

II. Impact on Reducing Health Disparities (1 page). Is the project compelling, connected, logical, novel, doable, is a critical problem being addressed? Will this project fill a gap in health equity?

III. Introduction/Background (1 page): Is an important problem being addressed? Is there sufficient evidence that supports the project?

IV. Specific Aims/Purpose (1 page): Are the specific aims logical? Feasible? Do they match the title, impact, and introduction?

V. Project Outline (3 pages). Methodology, protocols, human subjects concerns, risk/benefits, timeline.

VI. Outcomes/Sustainability (1/2 page). Is there a clear path to sustainability? Is the long-range goal/end-point described? What’s possible after project is finished?

VII. Team (include interdisciplinary team members and community partners as applicable) (1/2 page). Are the members qualified to conduct the project? Is the team interdisciplinary? Are community partners somehow involved?

VIII. Budget/Funding (1 page). Include resources needed such as statistician, research support staff, and space. Is the budget appropriate in meeting the specific aims/purpose of the project? (Detail can be included in Appendix)

IX. References (Appendix)

Proposal should be emailed to Micki Ansted at by April 23, 2018. Questions can be directed to Vicki Keough, PhD, at