Loyola University Chicago launched the Center for Health Outcomes and Informatics Research (CHOIR) in 2017 to educate and engage faculty, health care professionals, resident physicians, and students in the fundamentals of health outcomes research and data-driven health care delivery and outcomes.

At the center of CHOIR is our collaboration with our clinical partners at Loyola University Health System and Trinity Health. In the United States, health care institutions are expected to deliver effective, high-quality care as efficiently as possible to best serve patients. Over the last decade, many health care organizations have made significant investments to implement an electronic health record and also have invested in clinical trials. CHOIR brings the expertise and resources to leverage informatics and big data in health care to improve health care and health equality for patients. 

Anchored in our collaborative mission of People Centered Education and People Centered Care, CHOIR’s objective is to create a data-driven culture to improve outcomes and health equity.