Student Testimonials

"practical, formative, engaging..."
What our students and alumni are saying about our program.

"...broadened my experience and my involvement in national bioethics."  
R Holt, MD, D.Bioethics

"...made me a better clinician in making bedside decisions."  
C Sammis-Berman, NP, D.Bioethics

"...recommend the program to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and skill set in the applied areas of bioethics." 
F Luthardt, MA, D.Bioethics

" ...perfect combination of theory and practice in facilitating  ethics consultation." 
A Ochasi, STL, D.Bioethics

"You really get to know people in the classes. The online classes are wonderful..." 
K Keough Forte. MS, MA, D.Bioethics

"I found the format to be very accommodating, affording me to learn at my own pace." 
K Kennedy, RN, BSN, MA

"The teaching is excellent... more interactive online than when you are in a large class." 
A Edwin, MB ChB, MPhil, D.Bioethics