Master's Degree Program Dean's Scholarships
We offer a limited number of academic merit-based, partial tuition scholarships for newly admitted Master of Arts degree program students.  Be sure to check the financial aid box on your application to apply.

PROGRAM TUITION- What will the program cost?

Tuition rate for 2019-2020: $1,120 per credit hour
Billing information, including ebill schedule:

Certificate Program:  Bioethics- 12 credit hours, Healthcare Mission Leadership- 15 credit hours
Master's Program:  Bioethics- 30 credit hours, Healthcare Mission Leadership- 36 credit hours
Doctorate Program:  Bioethics- 57 credit hours (27 transferrable MA degree credit hours), Healthcare Mission Leadership- 66 credit hours (36 ransferrable MA credit hours)

Bursar's Office:
Installment Plans - Andrew Palmisano at (773.508.7172)
Employee Reimbursement Plans - Susie Ryan at (773.508.7141)

Office of Financial Assistance:

Graduate Financial Aid Guide: