Developing the “best of the best” of tomorrow’s healthcare leaders

Innovations brings together “the best of the best” of our future healthcare leaders at Loyola to develop their leadership skills. Each participant is chosen based on stature and reputation as a rising leader in his or her peer group.

This unique opportunity levels the normal hierarchical arrangements in medical care among faculty, residents, medical students, nurses, and other professionals in order to foster the insight into teamwork necessary to promote quality care and patient safety.

Participants work together in five interactive sessions (January/February) focusing on topics such as team building, communication skills and implementing change. They initiate and design an application project to improve patient care, safety, or professional development on our campus. This activity provides real-world experience in teamwork along with opportunities to develop skills in creating and measuring change. The projects are presented to members of senior management in March.

The Innovations in Leadership program, which has just completed its ninth iteration, enhances the climate of professionalism in our health system and empowers members of the Loyola University Health System community to foster organizational improvement.

Five teams comprised of faculty, residents, nurses, SSOM, and MNSON students have collaboratively answered the call from senior management to address health care issues which will benefit patient care, clinical services and medical education.

The teams presented their innovative contributions on March 19, 2014:

Team 1:  Delayed and Poor Communication in the Care of a Single Patient, Related to the Paging System
Estera Alexa, Carl Anderson, Susan Anzalone, Scott Byram, Robin Kelly, Ray Mendez,Ambrose Panico, Monica Patadia, Divine Tongol. Coaches: Emily Anderson, Jeffrey Kilpatrick
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Team 2:  Vaccinating Loyola's Loved Ones
Project Description: Strategies for improving access to the influenza vaccine for visitors, patients, and community members.
Bridget Boyd, Lindsay Brough, Neel Jethwa, Mecca Johnson, Adam Kouns, Marta Michalska, Michael O’Halleran, Melissa Sands, Amika Thomas, Emily Walter, Coaches: Mark Kuczewski, Jennifer Rauworth
Power Point Presentation

Team 3:  Making Hand Hygiene Personal: A Strategy to Enhance Patient and Staff Safety Through Increased Hand Hygiene Compliance
Devin Boe, Sherri Crumley, Christina Link, Stuart Rivard, Michael Russo, Karen Spangle, Madeline Thompson. Coaches: Carol Schleffendorf, Wendy Leutgens
Power Point Presentation

Team 4:  Kickstart to Communication: Inter-professional Training of Medical and Nursing Students
Sarah Choudhry, Laura DeLaPena, Lori Graham, Stephen Macleod, Lina Mikolajczyk,Victoria Pingul, Ann Tadas, Kristin Tobin, Anita Varkey. Coaches: Mary Margaret Sharp-Pucci, Bill Barron
Power Point Presentation

Team 5:  Be in Charge ‘Til the End: Addressing the Barriers to Advance Directive Utilization
Project Description: Our goal is to facilitate efficient access to existing Advance Directives in the medical record and to ensure their proper implementation. We also hope to identify tools to increase the use of Advance Directives to better provide patient-centered and quality care.
Fatima Elahi, Valerie Grant, Judith Harris, Derek Matoka, Minnie Mathew, Ryan Mayhew, Lauren Sraga, Michael Stokas, Michael Teitcher. Coaches: Joanna Kouba, Eva Bading
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We would like to acknowledge the steering committee for their leadership and support: Wendy Leutgens, Larry Sulton, Eva Bading,
Bill Cannon, Jeff Kilpatrick, Fran Vlasses, Jennifer Rauworth, Pradipta Komanduri, Mark Kuczewski