Healer's Art (BP430)
Dates/Periods: January-February 2017 (11A-11C), 1.0 week of credit
“It is the deeper meaning of our work, our shared purpose and not our science, that will sustain us.” Rufswold and Remen, 2002
Course Description: Healer’s Art is unlike any other course you’re likely to get in medical school. In its unique design that centers on a personal and interactive environment between small groups of students and faculty, the course explores and reinforces the human dimensions of medicine. In an increasingly demanding and hectic health care environment, where it may be easy to lose perspective amid the flurry of tasks we face each hour, Healer’s Art asks us to take a step away and to remember why we chose to by physicians in the first place. It asks us difficult questions about ourselves. It forces us to look inward, to address and heal ourselves before we can hope to heal others. Through the series of regular meetings and reflections, Healer’s Art helps each of us find and remember the humanness and the meaning in medicine. 

Bioethics & Professionalism: Social Justice & Underserved Minorities (BP431)
Dates/Periods: December 2014 - April 2015 (10C-12A), 2.0 weeks of credit
Course Description: This elective independent study will focus on the role of race in the United States, especially as it manifests itself in medicine. We will read two books and analyze the impact of race in terms of social justice. We will particularly focus on the issue of structural inequities that perpetuate disparities in terms of goods and services that promote quality of life, e.g., access to health care, education, and income. We will also work with the students of Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory High School to create a health fair. We will learn about the barriers to healthy living and achieving a future in the health professions that these high school students face. And, we will help them develop strategies for meeting these challenges.

Bioethics & Professionalism: Social Justice & Cultural Awareness in Health Care (BP432)
Dates/Periods: January 2018 - April 2018 (10C-12B), 2.0 weeks of credit
Course Description: This part-time elective (2 credits) will focus on the role of culture and race in the United States, especially as it manifests itself in medicine. We will read the book by Angie Chabram-Dernersesian and Adela de la Torrel and analyze the impact of race and culture in terms of social justice. We will particularly focus on the issue of hearing the voices of those whose perspectives are marginalized in mainstream cultural discourse. We will seek to develop a concept of cultural humility in order to be open to the insights of those from “minority” cultures and consider how medical and health care professionals can better serve their needs.

Honors Program in Bioethics & Professionalism Capstone Elective (HON401)
Dates/Periods: August 2015 - April 2016 (9B-12A), 4.0 weeks of credit
Course Description:  This four credit elective is available to students who have completed the Bioethics and Professionalism Honors Program.  Students in the program complete a capstone project and presentation which can be empirical, pedagogical, service oriented, or conceptual.  The aim of the elective is to have the student acquire the knowledge and skills to prepare and submit a paper for publication based on the student’s capstone project.  Students must complete and submit for approval a proposal detailing their project and schedule for the four week elective.  During the elective students will meet with their faculty advisors mid-course for feedback and be required to produce a detailed outline or draft of their paper.  By the end of this elective, the student will have the final paper completed, a specific journal identified for submission and the paper will be formatted according to that journal’s specifications.  Faculty will assess whether the student has fulfilled these requirements.  For further information contact Dr. Katherine Wasson at