Alumni of the Bioethics Graduate Program
at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

  Congratulations to Loyola Bioethics students and alumni on achieving the American Society for Bioethics & Humanities (ASBH) Ethics Consultant certification (HEC-C): Jillian Boerstler, MPA, MA, DBE (cand.); Rafael Bloise, MD, MA; Anthony Costrini, MD, MA;  Austin Dalgo, MD; Heather Fitzgerald, BSN, MS, DBE (cand.); Brian Jackson, MD, MA; Kristine Keough Forte, DBE; Leslie Kuhnel, MSHCE, MPA, DBE; Mindy Beth Nelkin, MS, RD, MA, DBE; Harry Peled, MD; MarKay Riippa, BSN, MHA, DBE (cand.); Alan Sori, MD, FACS, MA;  Laura Webster, BSN, DBE

Therese Trebaol, DBe, served as interim director of bioethics at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (Woodland Hills, CA) and has developed a course on the ethics of pediatric palliative care for Cal State-San Marcos. She completed the Doctorate in Bioethics (2016) from Loyola.

Gregory J Smith, JD, DBE, has accepted the appointment of adjunct instructor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, teaching on regulatory matters for IRBs.  He completed the Master's in Bioethics and Health Policy (2012) and the Doctorate in Bioethics (2016) at Loyola.   
David Sine, DBE, MA, CSP, ARM CPHRM, has accepted the position of Ethics Fellow at the American Medical Association, Chicago, IL. He completed the Master's in Bioethics and Health Policy (2008) and the Doctorate in Bioethics (2013) at Loyola.
Jillian Boerstler, MPA, MA, DBE (cand.), has accepted the position of Clinical Ethicist with Providence Health System, Vancouver, BC.  She will be completing the Doctorate in Bioethics (2019) from Loyola.

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Recent Alumni Publications

Sculli GL, Paul DE, David Sine. Building a High-Reliability Organization: A Toolkit for Success, 2nd Ed. HCPro, 2019.

Matthew Wolever, An Argument for a Substantively Weak-Dialogical Approach to Autonomy. International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 2019; 12(1).

Talone P, Amy Warner, Ethics and Medical Standards of Care: Hysterectomy, Tubal Ligation or Salpingectomy? HCE USA 2019; 27(1): 21-27.

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Congratulations to our 2018 GRADUATES!

The Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics proudly announces the graduates of 2018.


Doctorate Degree in Bioethics  

Lezley Anderson
Jean Baric-Parker
Charles Boyer
Cynthia Coleman
Matthew Conaway
Jodie Futornick
Kelly Kent
Leslie Kuhnel
Carolyn LeCoque
Francine Lynch
David Mann
Cory Mitchell
Chelsey Patten
Sarah Russe
Laura Vearrier

Master of Arts in Bioethics       

Philip Anderson
Rafael Bloise
Angela Carrico
Kindra Cooper
Carrie Fisher
Lourdes Flanagan
Lauren Haar
Rodger Kollmorgen
Linda Millbrandt
Alexandra Mitchell
Angela Mooney
Tom Morgan
Linda Nguyen
Michael O'Connor
Bethany Pendell
Sharon Polite
Cheryl Raiss
Jeanie Sauerland
Carolyn Smith
Chamdra Smolen
Layne Subera
Vimal Subramaniam
Jan Thompson
William Thompson
Amy Warner
Laura Wenman
Jennifer Van Swol
Kristin Zelyck











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