Patrick McCruden, D.Bioethics, MTS

  • Lecturer, Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics, Stritch School of Medicine

Advanced Degrees

  • D.Bioethics, Loyola University Chicago, IL
  • MTS, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL



Patrick McCruden, D. Bioethics, MTS, BCC, serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Mission Officer for CHI St Vincent, a four-hospital health system with more than 4500 co-workers and 300 physicians headquartered in Little Rock Arkansas. CHI St. Vincent is a part of Catholic Health Initiatives, the third largest Catholic Health System in the U.S.  In his capacity as Chief Mission Officer, he oversees the ethics, patient rights, spiritual care, leadership formation and community benefit activities for the health system. He works closely with individual hospital ethics committees and serves on the health system IRB. Along with the rest of the leadership team Patrick works to develop an organizational culture commensurate with the professed beliefs of the health system’s sponsors and the broader aims of Catholic health care. Patrick's initial work in healthcare was in pastoral care. He is a certified chaplain and worked for fifteen years primarily as a chaplain and director of pastoral care, before moving into the mission integration and bioethics field.

He developed the first hospital-based children’s advocacy center in the state of Arkansas and serves as its Board Chair. He also serves on numerous local and regional boards of directors and serves nationally on the Theologian and Ethicist Advisory Council for the Catholic Health Association.

Dr. McCruden received his undergraduate education at New York University and the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota. He continued his graduate education at Catholic Theological Union on the South side of Chicago and trained as a hospital chaplain at the University of Chicago hospitals and clinics. He received his bioethics education at Loyola University Chicago. Patrick earned his Master's of Art in Bioethics and Health Policy in 2004 and completed his Doctorate in Bioethics and Health Policy in 2012.


BEHP401 Clinical Bioethics


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