Political Activities - Guidelines and Reminders

February 9, 2017

Dear Staff,

No matter where you stand on an issue, the current national political landscape has made it difficult to honor our collective effort to “Respect the Conversation.” Many exchanges at the state and national level are deafening, divisive, and rife with vitriol. However, as a Jesuit, Catholic university, we are a community that welcomes debate and differing views to advance education and understanding. We believe in dialogue as a way to problem solve and work toward social justice.

We also encourage students, faculty, and staff to be politically active as an important expression of civic engagement. However, as a tax-exempt, charitable institution, we are also subject to rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service and federal and state laws that prohibit educational institutions from partisan political activity.

So, while our University’s rich intellectual heritage of exploration around complex issues is a mark of our strength and vitality, we are obligated to follow legal requirements when we, as individuals, are representing Loyola. We ask you to review the policies and guidelines below. They will provide you with information about permitted political activities, advanced approval requirements, conduct expectations, and acceptable use of Loyola resources, including electronic communication channels.

Policies and Guidelines:

There is much we can and should do if you are interacting with students. Please share resources that encourage civic engagement—how to register as a voter, how to contact elected officials, and more. Also, model conversation that is respectful, especially when advocating for and debating complex issues. 

We will continue to advocate on a number of fronts, including local, regional, and national levels. We will also monitor the conversations and decisions being made in Washington, DC, and Springfield, and act appropriately on issues and executive orders that could impact our community.


Winifred Williams, PhD
Vice President,
Human Resources and
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

John P. Pelissero, PhD
Provost and
Chief Academic Officer

Margaret Faut Callahan, CRNA, PhD, FNAP, FAAN
Provost, Health Sciences Division