‌Bading House

The Bading House is a community of Stritch students who desire to be part of the living fabric of the Maywood community. Rather than remaining visitors or passers-by, we are committed to making our home in Maywood, serving the community, and getting to know its members as our neighbors. We are united in our passion for service and social justice, both in Maywood and beyond, and find that living out this passion in the context of community living provides us with support, inspiration, and encouragement in our work. We are inspired by the Jesuit value of living as men and women for others and feel that Maywood is a fertile environment for learning to serve our future patients well.

Past events:

  • Service Day
  • Murder mystery dinner
  • Friendsgiving
  • Monthly Christian Fellowship meal
  • Lenten Reflection & Dinner

Community Members

Hannah Palm

I'm an M4 going into OB/GYN, a born & bred California girl from Silicon Valley, & was in search of a hearty midwest experience, delicious deep dish pizza, & that incredible Jesuit education, so ended up in Chicago. Before all this medical fun, I studied religion & global health at Santa Clara University, & am still head-over-heels passionate about global health. I spent 7 weeks in Quito, Ecuador, between my 1st & 2nd year of medical school, and then a year in rural Bolivia between my 3rd and 4th year of medical school (one of the best years of my life. In my free time, I travel as much as possible, salsa dance till my feet hurt, sing without a care in the world, and eat all the good food my roommates cook. I chose to live in the Bading house for my 4th year because of the importance of solidarity with the community I wish to serve. Apart from global health, I am very passionate about LGBTQ health and love the effort Loyola has made to increase education on this topic.

Katie Hesselton

Born in Baltimore, I attended college at University of Maryland, College Park. I majored in medieval and early modern history and literature. I spent several years after undergrad working in a community hospital while I decided what I wanted to do with my life. While there, I began to notice disparities between patients with differing access to financial and social resources. Once I decided to attend medical school, it was important to me to attend a school that taught students to appreciate the obstacles that many patients face to living a healthy life so that we can provide good care even in bad circumstances.  Living in Bading House was a logical choice for me given my interests. I wanted the opportunity to live with other students who shared a desire to serve, and the idea of living in solidarity with the Maywood community appealed to me a great deal. I am passionate about improving access to high quality healthcare for every person who needs it.

Peter Frank

I first found out about the Bading house during the summer before first year as I looked for housing. My goal was to find a living situation with other students from a Christian background who shared my core values and spiritual commitment. Although the Bading house is not required to be a Christian community, it just so happens that the students who live here often share a commitment to social justice and community service that is rooted in their Christian faith. I was initially concerned that I would be surrounded by socially awkward religious fanatics but luckily, only a couple of us are like that. At the Bading house, I am surrounded by students who share my desire to serve others for the greater glory of God. My experience at the Bading house during the first semester of medical school has been great!

Kate Nowakowski

I am a second year medical student, originally from Rochester, MN (home of the Mayo Clinic!) and attended undergrad at the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University (also MN). In college, I studied theology, played soccer, sang in the choir (and played a couple instruments) and attended fine arts performances, all of which I continue to enjoy today! After graduating, I spent a year teaching high school with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) in Kansas City. In JVC, we dedicated our lives to social justice, community, spirituality and simplicity and the experience was life-changing! When I found out the Bading House existed, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it. As someone who wants to work with underserved communities in the future, I loved the idea of living in solidarity with the community I would be serving and bonus points for having an awesome inter-class group of medical students to do it with!

Ingrid Kiehl

I grew up in Central California and spent my undergraduate years in snowy Ithaca, New York, studying biology and psychology at Cornell University.  My path to medical school has taken me through a year in campus ministry, as well as a year and a half in Manhattan, where I earned a Master’s degree in psychology at NYU.  I am passionate about mental health and increasing awareness and understanding of mental illness.  Outside of school, I am involved in the wonderful L’Arche community.  I also love to ballroom dance and paint. My decision to live in the Bading House stemmed from a desire to face this medical school adventure within the context of a supportive and challenging community.  The community and its members have exceeded my expectations, providing me with a daily source of inspiration and encouragement as I pursue my vocation—not to mention an ample supply of good cooking and bad puns.  I couldn’t ask for more.