Assessing Clinical Ethics Skills in Simulation Based Education

‌The Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics at Loyola University Chicago is committed to the education and training of health care professionals who conduct ethics consultation and sit on ethics committees.  Following the outline of the Core Competencies for Health Care Ethics Consultation published by the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) and the Ethics Consultant Proficiency Assessment Tool from the Integrated Ethics Program at the Department of Veterans Affairs, we developed the Assessing Clinical Ethics Skills (ACES) tool. The ACES tool is part of our web-based instructional model offering formal training, educational materials (case simulation videos and rubrics) and evaluation assessment for conducting clinical ethics consultation.

The ACES tool is designed to be used in an educational setting with live or recorded simulated ethics case consultations and trained raters applying the tool. The aim of the web-based case simulation instructional model is to train individuals on how to use and apply the ACES tool and use for collaborative or individual learning. 

 "The ACES resources provide a fantastic understanding of the essential elements of quality clinical ethics consultation.  The video vignettes allowed our Ethics Integration Committee members to view clinical ethics consultation and assess the quality without feeling like they were judging their peers.  Most importantly, these resources, when used in tandem, provided our committee members clarity for their own continuous quality improvement journey."

Mark Repenshek, PhD, Director, Ethics Integration & Education, Ascension

The ACES tool is used in our courses to evaluate the interpersonal skills of clinical ethics consultants during “live” ethics case simulations.  Our Bioethics & Health Policy graduate programs offer:

  • Ethics Consultation Simulation Seminar course provides simulated ethics consultation, practice in communication and interaction skills, and constructive feedback.
  • Advanced Clinical Ethics Skills course participants receive advanced simulation training and develop their ethics consultation portfolios for quality attestation.
  • Mastering Advanced Clinical Ethics Skills course is an on-site, two-week intensive training that provides advanced clinical ethics consultation experience. 

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